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    People pretending their dogs are strays.

    Most likely not chipped because of being purchased from some dodgy backyard breeder.
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    Successful lockdown puppy thread

    I bought my Springer back in October 2019 with plans to go to county shows and game fairs for getting him used to things going on and I was looking forwatd to group training with the gundog club, well, roll on march 2020 and our plans went out of the window... I did manage to start some basic...
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    Time to look for a puppy

    I know of some lovely Field Trial bred Spingers!!! LOL....*runs off before something is chucked at me!!*
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    Rant - The Current Dog 'Pandemic'

    Bakers should be banned, absolutely vile stuff.
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    English Springer Spaniel

    I had the biggest springer in the litter he was 4kg at 8 weeks, his sister was 2.5kg, she's small now at 2 years but not tiny and is a cracking little dog and weighs about 15kg, my boy evened out and is a big lad but not heavy like a show type, more whippet like as he's trial bred and is about...
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    Sad post - horses are such heart-breakers

    Give sailing a try - it's really great fun!! and if the boat breaks you can fix it easily!! I get where you are with horses though I would never have another after my lovely welsh blew his suspensories and was never right again, I had him put down then gave the other 2 away as the winters and...
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    How long do you leave your dog?

    mine have 2 days where i work from 8.30 til 5, i pop home at lunch to let them out for a wee and often wake them up, they do walks/training morning and evening. they have a good life doing what spaniels were bred to do so i have given up feeling guilty, it is what it is and they are happy and...
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    Mrs Collie - Agility Debut Report.

    But you went and gave it a go! we all start somewhere and can only get better!!
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    How much is a reasonable rent for field and stables?

    £30 per week per horse sounds about right, and that's DIY as in SHE does the poo picking!! I think after the outburst I would be looking to give notice, especially being threatened with legal action... I think £20 per week is too little. Is there anything in the sale paperwork about your...
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    Eeek competing... the dog!

    Firstly well done!! I haven't competed but have stewarded at a few ( too chicken to actually compete!) A test is different from a trial, not so much pressure no live game. You will be given a number and the format is you get 2 runs one under each judge. You will be required to hunt alongside...
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    Cost of PTS

    I took a JRT in for her elderly owner and the bill for a just over 10kg dog was £209 including disposal, not cremated separately and no return of ashes as owner preferred to plant a tree.
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    What is the most stupid thing said to you by another dog owner??

    Apart from the famous "it's ok he's friendly" Mine was elderly lady with hugely obese show cocker telling me my springer "can't possibly be a springer as he's too thin and must have lots of whippet in him" after enquiring what breed he was... he's field trial lines so the light modern type...
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    Breed not Deed

    Unfortunately they tend to be owned /bred by a certain type of person who sees the animal as a weapon/status symbol/intimidation tool, they are much bigger and more powerful than staffies so are the next accessory, such a shame as they really can be lovely dogs if treated well, trained and have...
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    Those who raw feed, what benefits did you see?

    My Cocker doesn't tolerate rice so I use a combination of a RAW feed in the morning and a high qulaitygrain free kibble in the evening, this goes for my springer as well The springer has a ridiculous metabolisim and won't hold weight well on less than 1kg raw a day over 8% of his bodyweight , it...