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    Bog spavin and lameness experiences?

    Hi everyone! Long time no log in :-) My haffy has developed some bog spavin squishy swellings, mostly on the outer sides of her hocks. I thought I would rest her and see how they go before calling the vet a she has just been turned out this winter due to daylight. It initially appeared on...
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    HELLLO MIDGES, Are the zebra rugs worth it!

    Ooh I'm thinking about getting one too, can't do any harm eh. I always think fly rugs are crap colours!
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    Buying my first horse/pony!

    I'd go for 14.2 ish too as it's a useful size. Practise getting on from the ground on a gate, it's all in the technique not necessarily fitness. I also put the stirrup down like 5 holes and put it back up when on. I avoid it too as my mare has issues with it and has become awkward to mount, but...
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    Feeding before work - speedibeet vs chaff

    I would feed alfalfa definitely, Dengie healthy tummy is excellent for this very purpose. My haflinger is a pretty good doer but ulcer prone in my opinion so I always give her a fibre feed before riding And HT has various other digestion friendly herbs etc. I also like topchop alfalfa as it is...
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    What was your first dressage test like?

    Aww, well done on your tests! I haven't done our first one yet but hoping to soon, I'm comforted by this thread that it doesn't have to be perfect :-D I did a beginners ridden show recently and that was ok so figured we can give it a go! I'll be avoiding cantering though unless tanking bucking...
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    Naughty new loan pony troubles..

    Classic naughty pony! Get her to learn to bridge her reins, or have some sort of safety strap so he can't pull her hands down and buck(my mare has a handy long mane for this), but I would agree not to do much canter right now and really work on trot, maybe with some small canters when feeling...
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    Showing experts - advice please!

    Aww I would love a little rider for my little Welsh, she's not backed yet though, must get that done this summer!
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    I wouldn't take them quite so soon no, after two or three weeks you'd have a bit more confidence to say they're probably ok now, but it could recur after a week's work easily. Some things will flare up after a bit of work even though I agree that 7miles isn't very far at all.
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    Young Horse Bucking into Canter?

    I'd just try straight lines out hacking and only do canter in two point until the horse is more comfortable and balanced, it can be really difficult for some horses, mine is nearly 8 and can only just canter a circle albeit mainly through lack of work, but she obviously Has more strength to do...
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    How much does your horse cost you a month?

    Mine live out on a farm at £50 a head, and insurance about 22 quid, I may spend up to 50 per month on feed in the deepest darkest winter months Inc hay as I don't use much, one gets her feet trimmed every now and then, the other one literally never needs it when the farrier comes, so I spend a...
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    Treeless Saddles?

    Haha Mijods the saddles do stretch ones hip flexors pretty chronically for a while but they are so good if you want to improve your position. I say this with burning legs reclining on the sofa!
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    Treeless Saddles?

    I had a heather moffett flexee and now have a fhoenix that is a better model, I bought both of them second hand on the EE Facebook page and sold the flexee on there too. I think for high withers I would go with the flexee as it has gullet plates (the flexee is being discontinued and the new...
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    strong horse jogging all the way home

    I find really mixing it up and regularly going past home helps, so that they never really know when home time is! I have no problems with turning back for home as long as it is not in response to something scary - when I've done that (because I couldn't be bothered to deal with it that day and...
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    Whip alternative

    I have a neckrope that I use as a sort of lasso to make a whirly whooshing noise, it works really well when lunging as creates a good drive in the corner of their eye, you might have to use a shorter one for riding!
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    Canter aid - inside or outside leg?

    Definitely from the hip ideally but with a lot of horses I think the inside leg back makes it all a bit more obvious for them to start with, and helps with correct leads.