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    healing vibes for my boy

    Just to say thinking of you x
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    Poorly dog

    Really sorry to hear this, also hoping for positive news from the results x
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    Catlips Farm sad news

    I remember visiting Catlips tack shop many times when I lived in the area over 30 years ago. Sheila was a lovely lady and always so helpful. RIP Sheila x
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    Field shelter questions and recommendations

    I am looking at putting up a field shelter for my 2 ponies, one about 11hh and one currently about 13.2 to make about 14hh. I have a concrete base where it will be put up which is sheltered by the back of a cow shed. The idea is that it will then allow me 24/7 hour turnout unless it gets really...
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    Goodbye sweet little Beata

    So very sorry, thinking of you x
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    Haylege analysis

    Great, thanks both - really helpful!
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    Haylege analysis

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to get haylege nutritional analysis? Also, any rough idea of price? Thanks!
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    Fly mask and big forelocks

    I bought this one for the same reason - the fore lock just sits over the mask. They seem to sit nicely and neither of my two have managed to remove them yet!
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    Grazing muzzle despair!

    I have the thinline and haven't had any problems with the muzzle rubbing but have put some sheepskin pads around the noseband. It has been surprisingly resilient, I thought that it would tear really quickly but has lasted over a year.
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    Pony - short legs and farrier

    My farrier either uses his knee or turns his stand on the side for my little pony as otherwise it is too high.
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    I need healing vibes for Beans please

    Excellent news x
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    Hot Weather management tips

    I have a dilemma at the moment, my two usually come in during the day and out at night with my little Welsh pony muzzled (thinline muzzle) when out and given a small amount of soaked hay during the day. My stables get pretty warm so I don't want to leave them in all day over the next 2 days. I...
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    What a difference a day makes

    Ouch... Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery x
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    Random fight between my dogs?

    I have had the odd fight between Bunny and my old two - very quick and more noise than anything with nobody getting hurt and usually over something like a chew. I don't leave them alone and no chews are allowed unless Bunny is in her run and she is in her run at night and during the day if I am...
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    Older dog and accidents

    I am giving one of my old dogs something called Activait as she was showing some signs of senility - she can't go as long at night without needing to pee, although does come and tell me that she wants to go out, it just depends if I actually wake up or not. She can still find her way around but...