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    She's just being difficult, but I don't think there is much you can do about it... people are weird.
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    Hello, sorry, I never noticed your post before now :o I didn't know about this yard, have you any details? I *think* I'm sorted, but not certain yet, so considering all other options.
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    rain scald....

    Possibly, but equally, he might get a bit warm and damp under a rug and his skin will be compromised that way.
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    rain scald....

    Rugging doesn't prevent rain scald.
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    Baileys Outshine....

    Outshine is a high oil feed, not too sure how that would help muscle development, tbh as it's protein you need for that. It will, however, have beneficial effect on coat and general ''bloom''.
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    Horses Vs Work

    Most people who have horses work, they manage to ride before/after work depending on their work pattern :)
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    Green jumping horse - advice please?

    I mean the oxer itself, and keep it really small, like 2 feet high, but as wide as you dare. You might want to put a pole on top across to discourage from bouncing it, though :)
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    Green jumping horse - advice please?

    I second low wide oxers, I generally start with one, with a placing pole in front of it at 9 feet and jump it from trot; gradually increase the width and eventually put the placing pole at about 11 feet and jump from steady canter.
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    lime on field

    Don't get disheartened, I never pay anywhere near as much as Polos Mum for my hedge cutting, it averages around £100 per year, but I don't see how overgrown hedge would be a problem for horse paddock anyway. Get soil samples done, you can do it yourself and send for testing, Google will bring...
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    Saddle and Supplement Suggestions for a VERY special horse :-)

    Great news for Tyne! and you :) I like the LeMieux range of lovely sheepy squishy pads, my horses seem fond of them, too. As to joint supplement, mine are on Forever Freedom and doing well on it.
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    found the breed of horse I want to buy, but I cant find any...

    Holland would be the right place to look for one?
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    why have a horse if you have it on full livery?

    I like riding my horses, quite enjoy grooming them, too. Not fond of shovelling poo, despise filling haynets and would rather have a lie in, that's why if i don't have to, I don't do the mucking out. Nowt to do with lack of time, international travel or very hard work I'm afraid. I suppose I'm lazy.
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    A strange post...

    I think you just feel lonely, and it is quite common in the modern world of social media and distanced interaction. I suppose if you want more people to interact with you and support you, you need to open up a bit and share more things about you. It's not easy, there is no easy answer and I sort...
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    Honest opinions wanted on how this horse looks please?

    Other than being cream coloured, I quite like her.
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    Best option for youngster re yards?

    Option 3 for me, I like my youngsters to have playmates their own age.