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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    In defence of the eventing young horse classes, I, as a really not very good amateur was able to take a horse broken in the spring of her 4 yr old year and do reasonably well at BYEH. It's no problem for pros to take a quality young horse and make it look very impressive at that level in a...
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    Hoof Armour

    Who can tell me more about hoof armour? Where can I buy it in the UK and is it easy to apply? I bought a horse in March who was shod in front and whipped his shoes straight off, I'm really pleased with how they've changed but we have very stony tracks out to the fields which he is stoic about...
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    Intensive training

    Try Summerhouse when lockdown is lifted a bit more? They do a range of options and I'm sure will customise something for you if you want?
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    Who has a Pivo?

    That's really helpful MP, thanks! Horse is having blind wolf teeth out this week so by the time he has recovered the Pivo should have arrived and hopefully I'll have figured out how to use it :)
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    Who has a Pivo?

    Oh well now you've all made me buy a flippin' Pivo!!! Our school is 60 x 30 though so not sure how well it will manage, hoping I can site it at B or E and it may work? Does anyone know if it's compatible with the little screw attachments on tripods? I have a grip tripod that I'm hoping it...
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    HHO virtual clinic week 5a + b

    If you just search HHO virtual Clinic then they should come up :) Last week's has been really helpful for my green horse to get control of his shoulders and improve the canter. I must use this one more as it's very simple but effective.
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    Clicker training

    Just read your post properly(!), if he isn't getting it then I wouldn't bother with the target until he understands the clicker. I use "head away" to load the clicker but some people prefer to reward for a straight but lowered head position which I actually think is better as this is a calming...
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    Clicker training

    A couple of 10 minute sessions is all it has taken with the 3 of mine I have used it with. Are you using simple exercises to load the clicker?
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    Polo lesson recommendations

    Thank you! I will look them up online :-)
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    Polo lesson recommendations

    Can anyone recommend somewhere for a fun polo lesson for 2 competent and confident riders? We have no aspirations to play polo but would love to try something different as a birthday treat. If we could also get afternoon tea afterwards then all the better! We are near Cheltenham so within...
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    Daf Brake Warning Light

    Yes, agreed, comes on as soon as I apply either handbrake or brakes and goes off as soon as I release them. There are discs on the rear but the garage specifically said that these are fine as the fronts were badly corroded. I'm hoping it's nothing serious after replacing most of the brake...
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    Daf Brake Warning Light

    They did do a test drive, I picked it up about 10 mins after they had got back with it! Unfortunately because it was after hours I paid and they left. I filler up at the fuel station opposite the garage and the light was on when I started it again. It may have been on before but I only drive it...
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    Daf Brake Warning Light

    I had my lorry serviced and thoroughly checked over 3 weeks ago, I had it back for a couple of days after that and during that time I had a brake warning light come on whenever I applied the brake or handbrake, it went off immediately the brake was released. I took it back to the garage and on...
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    Trailer floor replacement?

    If it's not too old you may find it's fitted with a plastic planking floor. If this is the case the floor will probably be sound. Well worth getting it properly checked though obviously.
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    Staffordshire horseboxes

    I thought they built them in house too but I haven't yet been to see the workshop. I think I am slightly concerned as the pricing is so good, but I would be going for a used chassis which I know some of the other builders don't do.