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    I wouldn't worry about this. With a horse that is young or green or just doesn't understand contact, it will not be consistent. Sometimes you will need to ask for a bit more than what is 'perfect' remember training is not always pretty!
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    Admitting defeat... sensibly!

    Euthanasia might be the kindest option. Poor thing being passed around from pillar to post. Could you not at least investigate his issues further so that you know what you are dealing with?!
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    Is nothing selling? wrong time of year?

    I think they are selling pretty well at the minute. As soon as winter comes people will struggle. Also very few horses for loan in my area (a friend was looking for something). But, what do you have, what has s/he done, and what price are you asking? Ask yourself if you are being reasonable.
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    Things to know before getting a foal?

    It's an exciting experience if you are prepared to put in the hard work, tears, sweat and blood and if you are very patient! I pretty much mimic what everyone else has said, but I'd like to add into the mix, bare in mind it may not turn out to be what you want! Even if you know family history...
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    I think from your question you are a bit confused about the purpose of flexion, what it can be used for and whether it is necessary. Well certainly it is necessary and essential when schooling a horse properly. Not sure who or where you have found results suggesting that it results in over...
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    Horse bucking into canter - help needed

    My mare was exactly the same (and still on occasion is, although it's improving greatly). Had everything ruled out. I went back to basics for a bit, forward impulsion and lots of walk/trot transitions demanding a lot of respect and an instant reaction o my leg = forwards. I then got brave...
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    Schooling green pony

    Impossible to say - totally depends on the horse/pony. Your best bet is to have someone competent school but then also have lessons with him so you can get the best out of him and increase your confidence.
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    your opinions please on instructor's charge

    Cheap. Does it really matter how he wants to word it?
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    Why do horses need shoes? Thoughts.

    Why do horses need shoes - I thought this question has been answered long ago; they don't. My main concern with shoes is that they take away the shock absorption ability of the hoof, particularly when on hard surfaces such as tarmac. This surely must have an adverse affect on joints...
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    Livery yard dilemma - opinions please!

    That's not the point though is it? If you pay for full livery for a week and are expecting the horse to come in, then that's what should happen. I would want to be completely clear that there is no chance the other livery is mistaken before anything though.
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    Why would a horse be reluctant to walk downhill?

    Quite often a sign of sacroiliac trouble.
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    First time backing a horse?

    Sounds like you have plenty of experience and are well prepared! I think the key is patience and taking your time and trusting your gut feeling for when the horse is ready for the next stage, never feeling pressured or feeling like you have to do x by x time, you only get once chance to get it...
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    Getting a young horse more forward

    So you don't use a lunge whip when lunging then? What's the difference exactly....? Or maybe you are into some strange natural horsemanship theory where you telepathically communicate to the horse and send it healing vibes for all the abuse it probably has never suffered. Goodness
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    Getting a young horse more forward

    How on earth am I bullying her? The whip is not making contact for goodness is a driving aid, as others have said it could well be a sudden confusion of the aids so surely helping her to understand that leg means forward and being black and white about it isn't bullying??? How else on...
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    Getting a young horse more forward

    Any tips, I have a 4 y/o that has been broken about 8 weeks now, all going well then suddenly started getting really stuffy (it's a mare if that helps at all!) teeth, saddle and back all checked, we have been doing mainly hacking so I don't see any reason for her to have got sour in the school...