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    Laminitis- Can someone please explain it

    Laminitis is caused by excess sugar i.e. in new growth grass, so can occur at any time of year, but especially in Spring and Autumn, and after long periods of drought. It can also occur when frozen grass defrosts. This is because the sugar is stored in the base of the grass, but can't 'grow'...
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    British Eventing 80, 90, 100 ? Or thereabouts....

    Does anyone else get fed up with entering a BE 80/90/100 and when you're walking the course realise that quite a few are actually more like 90/100/110 cm? If I enter a BE 90 I want to jump a MAX of 90cm.
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    Flu jab reaction

    My poor horse had a flu jab 6 weeks ago resulting in a huge swelling on his neck making it impossible for him to move until he had a large pain killing jab into his vein. He now has four hugely swollen legs, with the swelling progressing upwards rather than down his legs and has had a steroid...