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    New to lead rein showing; help please!

    So there are three types of LR classes at affiliated level - the M&M purebread (not plaited, tweed), the show hunter type (plaited, trimmed, pulled and tweed again) or the show pony (plaited, trimmed and tweed). Take a look at Equinational photography to see where your pony fits in - needs to...
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    I have a nearly 5yo highland gelding who is not over weight. Last June his old owner sent him to he broken professionally and they put fronts on him as he was footy on stony ground. Old owner was paranoid about keeping him v slim to the extent that prof said she was a bit OTT with strict...
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    Sore Fronts

    I'll cut out the top spec and swap out the happy hoof for something simpler. I always try to avoid sugar due to her other pony being a bit of a sharp sod. (welsh B) but him and the shetland are coping very well in the mud with their weight and feet. All of them get ridden regularly and we...
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    Sore Fronts

    Its good. Farrier is happy with him. His toes were a little long when I got him but a couple of trims later this is going in the right direction.
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    Sore Fronts

    I would have assumed that the Highlands of Scotland get pretty wet too. I have asked the lady who broke him the same question as it was her who put the fronts on so think perhaps they experienced a similar issue with him.
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    Sore Fronts

    I have recently (3 months ago) bought a 4yo Highland who lives out 24/7 and when I bought him he had fronts on. I had them taken off straight away as neither of my other natives are shod and do perfectly well without. However he is struggling on stony ground and looks slightly unlevel in front...
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    Cantering a v green pony

    I'm going to add here that it was not on a corner that he got upset. The school is 20 x 60. I don't really want my daughter taking him out on a hack yet until we are absolutely certain that this is not a 'bolting issue' . Do you have any other suggestions please?
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    Cantering a v green pony

    New pony is only a 4yo pony who we have successfully backed and is now comfortable in walk and trot. Asked for canter and pony panicked and shot off down the school, out and down a bank and then stopped (school does not have a fence round it). He has a very plain bridle with cavesson noseband...
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    Laminitis - Would you buy a pony that had it once 3 years Ago?

    Really depends on the pony - if it was the safest, honest, easy to handle pony for a child ever then absolutely yes. If it is just a raw project then no.
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    Advert - Poor conformation for broodmare?

    Did the advert actually say 'due to poor conformation' - if so that is a very strange marketing strategy
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    Would you take a LWVTB horse without having seen it?

    We have just bought a highland from Dundee unseen - he is an unbroken 4 year old. I suppose it depends what you want. We wanted something we could bring on so 'in the rough' was good. If you want a quiet pony then perhaps asking a local professional to ride it for you might work?
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    Shetland People

    Debbie Barr has a grey gelding for sale - her ponies are very nice. We have one and he qualified for RI in his first ridden year
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    Brave Pants or just sell

    LOL what a nasty little troll you are aren’t you.
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    Brave Pants or just sell

    She is actually a really lovely girl. She literally walks all over me but is usually calm and quiet. No ears back, loves a groom.
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    Brave Pants or just sell

    It will stop her running me down prior to the hoof waving. Pretty certain that a lot of top studs use them for safety reasons but as I said I don’t want to bit a yearling