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    My Horses Tail Was Disguting ...

    Apologies for the poor photos. This was my horse when she arrived. Not a grey but it was the worst tail I ever had to clean. The lower half of the tail was so caked with muck that it was rigid. When I washed it most of it broke off. The second photo was taken 8 months later. I am very glad I do...
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    Stupid question alert re breastplates

    Perhaps something like this....
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    Flu confirmed in Shropshire--where ?

    Todays update
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    Flu confirmed in Shropshire--where ?

    *****Rumour***** has it that it is at Much Wenlock and Wentnor. The Ludlow are restricting who goes out with them I think ie no visitors plus vaccinated only.
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    Should I call the vet?

    Too much magnesium?๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
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    Help sorting turnout groups of 5 ponies needed!

    Ah OK. This track system thingy is a rather complicated I fear.๐Ÿ˜€
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    Mounting block tips

    My new horse was so eager to go out that standing for me to mount did not happen. I spent weeks walking her backwards away from the block, leading her back to it, asking for stand until she realised it was easier to stand and more hassle to move. Accompanied by lots of praise when she stood of...
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    Help sorting turnout groups of 5 ponies needed!

    I have an electric fence gate in my fence which I use when necessary i.e. it is not across all the time. Would that be a useful idea?
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    Help sorting turnout groups of 5 ponies needed!

    I understand why you asked ElleSkyWalker. 1). I am totally confused by the combinations 2). I have no experience of track systems BUT 3).Is it possible to have 2 tracks or 2 half tracks so that 2 groups can graze at the same time? Of course I am quite prepared for you to say this is impossible๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
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    Flu confirmed at Bewdley
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    Tack cleaning business

    Sorry, I would think that by the time I had delivered and collected my tack from you I could have cleaned it a few times. If you collected and delivered it would make cost in time and money far too much.
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    Flu Confirmed case in Pershore Worcestershire

    Those of us in Shropshire would like to know too.
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    Equiami - will it help?

    Thanks Minny. I had half thoughts about this too. Thanks to everyone for explaining it so well.