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    Fly spray…. Is it me?!

    I bought the one without the fringe. It worked in as much as my pony wasn’t bothered by flies but he got so hot he became overheated. I used it twice.
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    Foal name inspiration needed!

    Melusina.. a French water sprite
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    Fly spray…. Is it me?!

    I have been to the feed shop today and looked at some sprays. If I have remembered correctly NAF Deet and Carr Day and Martin Extra have 20% Deet w/w. ( whatever that means ) Phazer has 5.5ml per 100ml. NAF is £18.90 for 750ml. 500ml CDM costs £14.98 and 500ml Phazer £16.50. I have ordered...
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    Fly spray…. Is it me?!

    I bought a 6’ Busse zebra fly rug and neck last year. Still have it, used twice, horse not impressed.
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    Fly spray…. Is it me?!

    I have used Biteback Neem with reasonable success for a couple of years. I have just ordered this, a newish product. I will try and remember to post how effective it is.
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    Is there a way to 'manage' rubber mats to minimise them getting icky underneath?

    I used rubber matting with some shavings on non draining concrete. It stank. Underneath was rank. I couldn’t lift the mats and OH, who is the most helpful and obliging a non horsey person could be, eventually rebelled and refused to help move them and clean underneath. I changed the bedding to...
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    What to do with rug bags?

    No need to dispose of bags here.😀 When my rugs are washed at the end of the winter / summer season they are put away in their bags for storage.
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    Base layer short and long sleeved.

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    Base layer short and long sleeved.

    I bought some long sleeved wicking tops in the sales. One was for running, one for riding, the other, cycling. I did have to stitch a collar on one otherwise the air jacket rubbed my neck.
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    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    No firmness intended.😀 I had to look it up again to make sure I had remembered correctly.
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    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    This is what I meant. Explained in paragraphs 2-6 I think.
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    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    My pony had 6 injections in his rump. He was also given sucralfate. The first, which was done after scoping, cost £250. This was fine as he was still dozy. The last 5 I took the pony to another vets. The next 3, £170. The last 2 were 1/2 doses and were cheaper. The second and 5th injections were...
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    Attacked by a stallion on our hack 😡

    How frightening. I am glad you are all OK though. I had a fright caused by a stallion too. I rode with friends on an open hill. The other horses were geldings. The local hill stallion, we had no idea he was loose, decided to try to mount my mare. Fortunately one of the geldings was very good at...
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    Clean Travellers

    I have a skip, rubber gloves, short handled plastic shovel and a stiff hearth brush in the horsebox. My pony, so far, has happily whiddled into the skip shortly after loading to come home. Usually there is one poo per journey. I will have had the ‘box for 4 years soon and I doubt it has been wet...
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    Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

    Rest day today, gardening instead. Hacking tomorrow and a brief lesson on Saturday. Maybe we will manage a trot this week. Probably another longer hack on Sunday then on holiday on Monday, hopefully flight will be fine. Finan will have a week or so off unless he begins to get plump in which case...