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    Blandford flies

    Another vote for summer fly cream. Also have found sudocream and also baby oil useful. You may find the horse will kick at himself to dislodge flies and his back legs get covered in whatever cream you use. I think the irritation caused by flies leads to swelling. My boy has access to a shelter...
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    Which XXW Saddles do you have on your cobs?

    I use a Balance saddle it is excellent also saddle company saddle .
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    Agressive behaviour from a previously gentle pony.

    Could she be in foal? I expect you have checked that.
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    Thick/fleece numnah

    Wool or sheepskin, possibly cotton Polly pad, beware of synthetic material next to his skin as it can make them very sweaty.
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    Something to keep me busy near Cirencester!

    RDA ,Watershed RDA in Coates. Always need help.PM me for contact details. May be able to suggest other options.
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    Naked or a no fill / 0g rug??

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    Long rant cos I'm properly annoyed!!

    So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you.
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    Belgian draft owners (or any draft)

    I have a shirex cob . I have an xw balance saddle also a saddle company one they both fit him well. He has an extra large bridle . Rugs ,Shires are a good fit also weather beaters, but he is hard on rugs. He tales a 6'9 or a 7' rug . I like 100g gallop as they are cheap . He has ad lib hay lives...
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    Pet Ponies and Realising Potential..

    I understand your concerns. You could make provision for your ponies, if anything happens to you. World Horse Welfare can send you information about making arrangements for them to take your ponies on , look at their website or phone for advice.
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    Meat colts - the true cost of rescuing them (a diary)

    So sorry to hear that Oreo has died. You gave him a good life. He was a lucky pony to have met you.My thoughts are with you. You made a world of difference to Oreo.
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    So very cross..........Buying a horse or not!

    I left a deposit on a horse once. Then had it returned because they decided to sell the horse to a friend!
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    Erm..I got another horse..argh and another...whoops

    How lovely to hear all about your mare. Fantastic photos. Good luck with your new boy.
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    Rug and Girth for standardbred in poor condition

    I use a neoprene girth on my Standard bred.
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    Swiftwood rescue

    People buy horse from Ireland everyday. Perhaps they should buy English bred horse? How far do we take this? I think most people help where they can. We should all do our bit. Some one might rescue a horse from Ireland others from up the road.
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    How much are you paying for hay?

    £3.50 a small bale ,excellent quality Gloucestershire.