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    Age/Joint Supplement

    Sorry should have said I've received a free sample of YuMove and my dog won't eat them 😢
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    Recommendations for towing vehicle

    Nissan X-Trail. Tow capacity is 2tonnes so plenty for a trailer and one horse (I have an Ifor Williams 505 trailer with two large ponies generally) I get 45-60mpg daily driving, depending if I'm putting my foot down or taking it easy, the best I've got is 72!!)and I get 30mpg towing one pony...
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    Age/Joint Supplement

    Hi I have two Italian Spinones, aged 9 and 1. I'm looking to put my older girl on a suitable age/joint diet now she's getting on a bit. They both feed from each others' bowls and are slow/picky eaters so it would be a bit of a nuisance to try and separate them in order to feed one a "senior"...
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    Questions RE: Buying horse/s

    I agree with many of the points the OP has made, I do think a straightforward question deserves an honest straightforward answer (although I too have never heard of waving). However I would also strongly recommend asking for videos, particularly if the horse is a distance from you, stating...
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    Judge Rinder -Loan case

    Really??? I phoned them last week and that's what they told me 😢 Or do you mean the solicitors form...did you not have to take it to a solicitor to sign?
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    Full/part livery people- does your stuff vanish?

    I've done that, my colour choice of insulating tape was yellow 😂
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    Full/part livery people- does your stuff vanish?

    Do you know where the "pile" is? Can you retrieve your things back? I'd have a word with the owner/staff to voice your concerns nicely (at first😊). If they realise you're bothered about using your own buckets etc (other liveries might not be, or might not visit regularly and notice...
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    Judge Rinder -Loan case

    I have three horses, all have passports issued at birth, but only one has all previous owners details in, and that's for the pony I bought direct from the breeder! (Which I have updated to my details). He will never be sold but I wanted his passport in my name. When I looked at updating my...
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    When the vet says............

    My little grey welshie lived in the same field for 4 years. After one year of being there he came in one day with similar sores and blisters all over his muzzle, many were weeping it really didn't look nice, and looked sore although he didn't appear to be in pain when I touched him. That...
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    Annoyed box rester

    Can you walk him 2 mins or so to some grass and hand-graze for a while then 2 mins back to his stable? Poor pony, it might make him a bit happier and feel less like he's been shut up all day (grazing in hand, if he is sensible and will stand rather than mess around, can't be much different to...
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    Dog shopping. . Equafleece :)

    LOVE Equafleece!!! 😊👍
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    Difference between show and working pt 2

    Oooh I've only ever seen black Flatcoats, I didn't realise they came in any other colours 😊 Completely continually pee'd off and insulted by the number of people who think my brown roan Spinone is a "Labradoodle", not had many guesses as to what breed my orange roan Spinone is, most...
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    Clipping - saddle patch help needed!!!

    Thank you😄 I'll suggest leaving it on xxx
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    Clipping - saddle patch help needed!!!

    Thanks for your comments. The fit of the saddle isn't my issue to sort, I understand it only happened a couple of times so she bought the pad, and it's not my pony. I just don't want to risk making it worse by clipping his saddle area if the general clipping opinion is that this makes saddles...
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    urghh need to replace clippers - advice please!

    If you're going for the Listers, Mole Valley have some special offers on at the moment.