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    Am I right to think this is rude?

    Can't believe 2 kids and 1 question was built up to 3 paragraphs.
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    Showing classes with eggbar shoes ?

    I competed at Olympia with double toe clips on the front and no backs!
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    Older horse becoming nervous :/

    Our horse is 28 and still going strong (competed at Olympia at Christmas) and really healthy. About 4 years ago he really started to look at things, and we think his eyesight is becoming a little fuzzy. We just take our time with him and make sure he feels safe. Out hacking he does look at...
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    What's your top speed?

    Yes they do. Easily. :-)
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    What's your top speed?

    Yes they do, easily.
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    How much do you pay for poo-picking service?

    I charge £10 an hour and get quite a bit of work.
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    Trailer buying rant

    Me too. I asked the trailer weight and they said -How would I know that? err... Then I asked another how old the trailer was and they said they didn't know. Seriously do they expect me to pay good money. I eventually bought from a trailer dealership which turned out great as we got...
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    Where has everyone gone?

    Thank god I don't waste my time on here anymore. Nothings changed.
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    How did you learn to use your core?

    Quite by accident really. Went to Pilates and that seemed to change things. Also rode without stirrups most of the time.
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    Where has everyone gone?

    I haven't posted for a long long time. Basically, lost Mickey in February this year. Husband gave me his show cob Shiney, and we've qualified for Olympia - Senior Showing Society. Shiney is 27 and still ridden. We also are SSDL National Prelim Dressge Champion, so what started a terrible year...
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    Oh heck..... New livery with "history"

    So Who's gossiping now. Maybe you're the yard gossip and worried about loosing your status.
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    Can someone help me with a falcon saddle?

    It sounds like a falcon hawk event. I have one. Second hand should fetch around £400, brand new they are £1100 ish. They are very hard to find now 2nd hand so don't give it away. x
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    Am I the only one who wears kids Jods ?

    Yes i wear decathlon12/14 year olds. I am 50. I think they were £12 too.
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    Horse won't stand still in trailer - kicking, biting and rearing!

    We had allsorts of issues with loading and travelling. Why don't you leave half an hour earlier and when you get to the comp get her out the trailer and take her for a wallk around so that she can see where she is then put her back in. We have one that will stand in the trailer but if he...
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    Am I wrong to be annoyed?

    Lesson learnt. I paid £2000 for an operation on my knee several years ago as the national health said I could wait 18 months but a private surgeon said my knee needed attention straight away. I wasn't insured and the owner of the horse said she wasn't covered for me, but she was happy for me...