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    Holy cow ! is the system fxxxxd up or what!I have not been able to log on under this user name for months. The problem was that I did not have my password and the system logged me off.As my old email address no longer existed when Orange tuned off their servers I could not get my password from...
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    Which pro riders have the best seat/position?

    Yes , thinking about it,she does ride more of a steeplechase length xc .but she does also have a very distinctive position , slightly behind the action and able to brace against any unforeseen eventuality. In my opinion this is backed up with extreme fitness and agility . She is awesome .
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    Which pro riders have the best seat/position?

    Got to go with Mark Todd. Doesn't just look great on his own horses ,looks great on anyone's.
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    Chaff to feed for weight gain - Dengie Vs Spillers?

    Lincolnshire is never sunny , I did my RAF training there , Its flat all the way to SIBERIA , Its cold ,its wet , its muddy (except whgn its frozen) .Windand Rain your mere name gives the lie to your statement about "sunny Lincolnshire",Its hell on earth but I had the best time of my life there.
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    Dumb question: Ponies preferring straw to hay!

    This proves what I have long suspected .Horses know far more about what is good hay than their owners. If your horse prefers straw to the hay you are offering : A. Your hay is rubbish ...
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    Chaff to feed for weight gain - Dengie Vs Spillers?

    Dengie crop dryers as they used to be known as ,have a long track record of producing quality dried grass and Lucerne. They know their business. Back in the 1970 s (when I used to buy from them )the price of oil went through the roof and most crop dryers went bust. Dengie however realised the...
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    Equine questionnaire for higher ed. student project

    An Irish sports horse IS a warmblood.
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    College project - what clothes do you wear to the yard?

    Nah , Everything but the jeans . Tracky bottoms are much better,plus thermal underwear!
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    Leyland Daff 45 130 starting problem

    Its a cummins engine,they dont have them.(mores the pity)
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    Bog pony to Competition pony update

    I am so glad that I bought a "project", even though I have enlisted the help of a rider .................What on earth do you mean! Seems more like ,"even though I had the good common sense to realise that I cant do everything and know when to use help".Dont sell yourself short, you have done a...
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    No Barbary Castle this year?

    The forum wouldnt be the same without daft posts.
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    Could this be thrush?

    Stockholm tar is the best and cheapest remedy . Soak cotton wool in it (a bit messy) then push into the frog cleft with a hoofpick. leave it there and change daily. Also great as a preventative is a mix of 5 to 1 linseed oil and stockholm tar . makes a great hoof oil .
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    Leyland Daff 45 130 starting problem

    if you have a good flow of fuel to the injector pump ( it sprays out of the lower bleed nut on the pump if you crack it open a fraction and turn the engine over)and the solenoid on the pump is good (if you are not sure , remove the needle from the solenoid)and you get fuel out from a cracked...
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    Best internal boarding for wooden stable

    Marine ply is a total waste of money.Far eastern ply will be just as good but a third of the price. Oak boards are my preference and cheaper than marine ply.