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    Should I get a shetland?

    I've had no more problems with my Shetlands and electric fencing than any other pony. The connie is worse as he just jumps to wherever he wants to be. If the current owner says he's fine with tape then I'd believe her.
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    The pregnancy boredom is getting too much

    My daughter's expecting in Sept. She has never understood my love for small ponies but has now claimed Lily, my "BOGOF" shetland as hers. Lily may not know it yet but she's going places as soon as the homemade jockey can sit upright :)
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    Shopping help, thin gilet

    Joules Minx are thin, I'm considering one but doesn't have the phone pocket.
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    Shopping help, thin gilet

    It's really hard to find a nice gilet so I'm waiting for responses with interest. I have an ancient Toggi, it's lightly padded but o.k. unless weather is really hot, with good pockets and an inside one for your phone. Every potential replacement is too hot, never has the inside zipped pocket or...
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    America v UK

    I use it for emphasis I think, not blame. I/he/she fell off can describe anything minor or serious but saying "thrown" implies force i.e. a bad fall.
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    Who knows about hoof boots?

    I sent pictures to Hoofboutique, my first try wasn't good enough and LH sent instructions of exactly where I should measure. I have a connie in Easiboot trails, I find these a faff to put on but they fit really well and he's on his second pair. Shettie X drove in Equine fusions, again never...
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    Grazon & composting times?

    I thought it was several months, but I think the information is all in the instructions that are stuck to the bottle.
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    What colour will she be?

    My word she's nice :)
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    Oh gosh, where to start. Trying to buy a pony for a shy 11 year old!

    As you are in the Highlands, look on the Eriskay Pony Society website. They are tough, hardy and versatile, child friendly and a bit smaller than most Highlands so easier on little legs. There is a sales/loan list or worth putting a wanted ad on. I bought an 8 year old ex broodmare for my...
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    Oh gosh, where to start. Trying to buy a pony for a shy 11 year old!

    Would the RS owner be able to source a suitable pony? She must have good contacts and knows your daughter's level of ability?
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    Another injury! (Warning - images attached)

    No useful advice but hope he's done nothing worse and feels better after the weekend.
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    Schooling in a field

    I use an area at the top of one of my two paddocks, it's the flattest but as others here only during drier months. One word of caution, I wouldn't keep tack in a shed, take it home if you cannot access anything more secure.
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    Hot Air Balloon

    No I think you are justified in feeling annoyed. I was walking my dog (not current one) at a well Known beauty spot near me when a balloon appeared. He was obviously much lower than he wanted to be and put the burners on. My poor dog was absolutely terrified and bolted, fortunately away from any...
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    Selling a horse. Your top tips for sellers please.

    Include any recent competition results if appropriate. And a good confo shot including feet.