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    XC boots for the SJ phase?

    No reason you can't. I've done it before on very careful, green horses who I didn't want to be put off if they rubbed a pole.. Only caveat would be to watch for heat retention, especially if keeping them on for a more prolonged period while you get changed and then go xc etc.
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    So what has British Eventing done wrong?

    Agreed, I'm hopeful the new leadership in BE can be a little more open minded and inclusive as many historic decisions seem to have cut their nose off to spite their face!
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    So what has British Eventing done wrong?

    Not sure how helpful this is, however just back from eventing at Great Tew this weekend, where they filled 3 days with entries from 80-100cm. I dont think BE has run at Great Tew for a number of years so they aren't running over an affiliated course. We had live scoring through EventingScores...
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    Piggy March Training

    No help but I'm keen to know too!
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    affording to compete/train - what sacrifices do you make?

    I have a really good job. I keep pets at home (with its own expenses including a massive mortgage!) I buy 99% of things for me and the horses 2nd hand. I haven't been on holiday abroad for about 7 years. I have multiple bank accounts and spreadsheets to keep track of everything. I still like to...
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    Help... give up or keep going

    Sell. Life is too short to spend so much emotion and money on a horse you don't enjoy. It's not always love hearts and easy times but you need to really love the horse and the process for the tough times and they need to make you smile.
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    Help with BD eligibility please!

    Sadly that was what I concluded too, thought I had missed something! It seems harsh when it is one result, only one level higher and 4 years ago... wish I had 1% less now 😕
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    Help with BD eligibility please!

    Hi all, I'm trying to work out what I am eligible for with BD, if I re-register with my young horse (who hasn't done any affiliated). In total, I have 29 Novice points, 10 Elementary points and 20 Medium points- I last competed affiliated in 2018. I also scored 65.59% and placed 3rd at an Area...
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    Badminton XC coverage is not live via the BBC red button this year

    I have paid for BadmintonTV. I think it's great value for the coverage offered, cheaper compared to going in person and I've already been rewatching 2018 with the subscription which is great.
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    Ascott BE90 or Broadway UA90?

    I'll go against the grain here... if stepping up or any niggle about height, I would always plump for Broadway. The SJ can be on a slope but is usually flowing and quite straight forwards. The XC is running uphill from the start so you always get nice, positive shots and ride forwards and...
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    Video Getting more *ping* jumping (or am I worrying unnecessarily?)

    Honestly, mine is exactly the same! took him to a hunter trial a fortnight ago and he jumped beautifully, ears pricked and locking onto everything, we got lovely and smooth strides everywhere. I am taking him SJ this week and much as I will try and replicate the feel, I know he will feel flat...
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    Video Getting more *ping* jumping (or am I worrying unnecessarily?)

    My boy is EXACTLY like this! I am used to super sharp, really energetic horses and my lad is the same as as yours. I bred him so he won't be for sale but he definitely isn't the type of horse I would go out and buy. People can keep saying about improving the canter and it has certainly helped...
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    Westgate lab- why so pricey?

    I used Poo Post for the first time recently and very pleased. I'm sure Westgate are fab too but I'm watching my pennies with multiple horses. I think anyone insinuating dodgy results based on cost of service is on very shaky ground; an expensive service doesn't guarantee quality either.
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    Jump saddles for wide/flat backs

    I had an absolute table of a horse a few years ago and he had a Pessoa jump that fitted really, really well and was lovely for me to ride in too- I cannot abide blocky, bulky saddles though.
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    How far to travel in one day?

    Little update... We went there and back in one day and it was all absolutely fine 🙂 Managed a 6th place, just 1% off the winner, so very chuffed as everyone in the class was an area winner. Not bad for not having done a test for 5 months and spent the winter hunting instead!