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    Recommendations for stallions for next year please??

    I would use Tiger Attack, lovely Stallion and temperament to match by all accounts.
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    Buying unseen

    I've bought 3 unseen. 1 youngster 1 Lead Rein/First ridden schoolmaster 1 Ex-racehorse, a real quality animal, for RoR showing. Had them vetted and brought on a transporter. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
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    I have 2 horses with this issue. The vet cleaned the gaps out and inserted a substance that looked like putty texture, he said it hardens up, though not solid and anticipated it would last a few months before falling out. It lasted much longer and made a massive difference to quidding. Might be...
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    2 year old child dies falling from her pony.

    That is a ridiculous over reaction IMO. My kids had their own ponies from being about 18 months old and loved grooming them and tootling about on the lead rein. Some kids are competently jumping 70cm tracks on their ponies by the age of 7. This was a tragic, freak accident, and knee-jerk...
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    People who let their dogs cock their legs over everything 😡

    I'm actually quite shocked that people have a perception that male dogs cock their legs in a house. Our entire male dogs would never dream of it any more than a bitch would. House trained is house trained whether male or female. Have to say I could not care less if any dog cocked it's leg on...
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    Hunt coming through yard

    With regard to the original question re leave in or out I think if I only had one or two I'd keep in. A big herd will normally be fine outside. We currently have our gelding herd in a roadside field and a 'drive' went past last week. About 25 horse/cart combinations the boys were incredulous...
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    Hunt coming through yard

    You are totally and deliberately ignoring the words directly below those you quoted, namely " I totally accept that you can be a horse owner of 50 + years and disagree with hunting but I would bet that overall there is more antagonism towards hunting in the newer generation of horse owners."...
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    Hunt coming through yard

    I've got to say I'm kind of with you here. If there was a forum called 'horse and matador' in which, there was a bullfighting section I bet it would have no members, just a tirade of abuse. I never normally post on these threads and I've noticed many other hunt supporters, who are very active...
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    Help needed with pasture/ grass management.

    For the best advice I would contact your local agronomist.
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    Finding pedigree with limited info

    I think you'll find the differences between show and working cockers is vast enough to render them unmistakable to most.
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    Finding pedigree with limited info

    I assumed the OP meant the dog is a show cocker type rather than a working cocker type? OP try joining a FB show cocker group and asking on there.
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    I want to immortalise my horse in art

    Pippa Kirby (Porley). I commissioned a head of my mum's old stallion and it is fabulous!
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    Hilarious Advert

    I think that's a really unfair comment. I've had 3 horses straight out of training (from 3 different racing yards) and they've all been confident, well mannered, friendly individuals who have obviously had the best of care. Unlike some of the rude and obnoxious individuals we have at livery...
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    Showing people - WH class help

    You can enter a 15hh in open WH, it will probably be the smallest in the class though. 15hh age limit is 19, and intermediates (15.2) have a 25 years age limit. I think they have coloured WH at the bigger CHAPS shows but I've never seen one at a County Show.
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    How far would you travel to view a horse?

    Any distance for the right horse. Last August I drove 12 hour round trip with my daughter to try a pony in Wales. I was glad he was the right one and we bought him. If you're buying a keeper I wouldn't be deterred by any trip. If a horse is going to be a big part of your life for 10 Years + then...