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    Gelding this time of year?

    To risky re flies? Yearling needs gelding so he can go in with other horses..
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    The last straw

    I think.... if you are the main repro vet at a practice, maybe have your holidays before & after the breeding season? Tbh, Our practice has 2 very good repro vets, so always one available with general equine vet also good at washing out etc. Lucky to have a decent local practice with plenty of...
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    The last straw

    Argh! Its a shame you hadn't got someone local with some chilled available for the mare that ovulated. Both my mares caught after ovulation this year. How disappointing. Fingers crossed your other mare took.
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    Irish Draft mare to x or not

    I personally would go for something lighter, TB or TBxWB to produce a nice eventer type. I have an IDxTB (Embla) who is my horse of a lifetime. They sell well as have a nice brain usually & can turn a hoof to most things.
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    Traveling infoal mares

    I agree but had people in my ear. My foals are 3 months old.
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    Traveling infoal mares

    Not yet, just working out when we can move her next month.
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    Traveling infoal mares

    Cheers, Ive travelled a mare at about 40 odd days for a scan, she carried fine but this is moving to a new place. If I needed to wait I would but planning on moving one at about 30 days
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    Traveling infoal mares

    Its more to do with the mare being in foal again, ie when is ok to transport without risk of abortion?
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    Traveling infoal mares

    When is considered safe to travel in foal mares with a foal at foot? Ie, showing or moving them to different grazing?
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    2017 Foals

    Mine are living out, bit muddy near the fence but not too bad. They both definitely are looking in foal now. Even with nearly a month between their due dates. One due in mid April, one mid May. Looking forward to seeing what they produce. Cannot wait to see all the foal pics :-)
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    Brexit and pound to euro effect on breeding costs

    If you register your foals with KWPN or other foreign societies, would that allow movement? Or would you still need the updated passport?
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    British Stallion Event 7th January Bury Farm LU7 9BT

    Looking forward to it. Had hoped some foreign studs may present again but still coming for the dressage stallions.
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    where to look for "old fashioned" stamp of a warmblood

    I am hopefully breeding one for myself, a chunky mare with a beautiful head & movement put to a german sire. I'm also breeding a dutch mare to a german sire for a more moden type, fingers crossed. Although until next year will have no idea what we come out with. I am not a fan of some of the...
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    Stud Books, preferences & benefits

    For Foal registration. Went with KWPN for one, as dam KWPN, will go Oldenburg for other. I know some people won't look at KWPN youngsters as they think they are all sharp pro horses...
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    Stud Books, preferences & benefits

    In the process of choosing studbooks. Who do you think are the better ones, for breeders, buyers etc? I'm talking, KWPN, Oldenburg, Hannovarian etc