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    Liver biopsy

    My horse has had three biopsies, each showing further damage but also regeneration. His liver is app 50% broken now. He participated in the liver fluke testing trial, he was negative but here is a post from the Facebook page with contact details. ‘The horse fluke project has now come to an end...
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    OMG. Which one is smarter, the dog or the human.........

    Her name is Trisha Paytas and she is one of the original internet trolls. She’s actually really smart and is just really good at trolling 😁
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    Intermittent upset tummy?

    Mine is the same, going into its 4th week now. Fine in himself but needing washing twice a day due to copious amounts of liquid poo! Temp etc all normal and vet has put him on powdered steroids which worked brilliantly. However two days off them and it’s back to how it was so he’s...
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    Sudocream - how do you get it off

    Baby wipes is good at removing a lot of it but it’s a nightmare to get it all out. I baby wipe as much as I can, rub in powder and brush until most of it’s removed.
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    Dogs ears causing great aggitation

    Another vote for stinky stuff ear drops. Honestly did not expect it to work having tried everything else including veterinary stuff. Poor dog was driven mad with her ears. The difference was obvious after the first drop and it’s made a huge improvement to her ears and her life.
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    Horse transporter wanted

    I live in Northamptonshire and use David at DMA transport. He’s brilliant with the horses and I trust him implicitly.
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    How to get pills down a dog

    Have you tried greenies pill pockets? Some dogs fall for them quite well. I have a pill popper which I use on cats and dogs. It’s quick and painless. Saves any faffing around.
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    Wet food for an elderly cat

    I use this for my oldies when they are struggling It seems quite palatable and I will add a little warm water to it to soften it further. It’s been a Godsend many a time.
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    Ebay, rug not as listed? what do i do?

    If you upload the tracking to your open dispute, eBay generally refund a little quicker.
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    Liver problems

    Have you considered EMS? My cob had huge raised ggt levels,he was very unwell, each liver biopsy worse than the last. He has now been diagnosed with ems. There are a lot of ems horses with liver problems. Ask your vet to check insulin and glucose levels, see what the values are? Really though...
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    Abscess won?t heal

    Most likely some foreign body inside as others have said. Vets should really lance and flush it out. Colloidal silver works well on abscesses to help them heal but if there’s something in there nothing will work till that’s removed. Will pup allow you to poultice the site, see can...
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    Please help us - first time owners rehomed a rottie

    Rottie’s talk … a lot. It’s known as the Rottie rumble. I have two, one who has the most outrageous opinions on absolutely everything. She would quite happily talk the hind legs from a donkey. The other only talks when it suits her. To listen to number one you’d think we...
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    Raised liver enzymes

    My horses ggt levels raised considerably on shape up. His last biopsy also showed fibrosis on his liver. His behaviour on shape up was also bewildering at best. I am not claiming the shape up caused that but I don’t believe it helped. He hasn’t been on it now for three months and his...
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    Horseflies in January?

    Could it be a spider bite? I always have to shake my rugs for spiders. Quite possibly one hid in a rug or in a corner of th stable?
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    Cat eczema

    If you give her food and water in plastic bowls, switch to metal or ceramic as plastic can cause irritation in cats. It might be worth trying aqueos products to see if they help. Also check claws, pads are clean in case she is scratching the area. If it hasn’t grown, changed or caused...