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    Flick has had a stroke ☹️☹️☹️☹️

    I had the most wonderful cat who had four strokes. He was a rescue and had some problems Every single time I would race to the vet and expect it to be the end and every single time my vet would say … nope not his time yet. Let him rest see how he is in 48 hrs. And whilst he was always a little...
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    Julius K-9 harness views?

    I have one on each of my Rottie’s and I’ve had no problem. Followed the video instructions to fit them and I check the fit regularly. Dogs are happy, no restriction in movement, they’re still loons! Plus the handle is a Godsend if I need to grab them quickly. They’re not aggressive but people...
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    Older yard cat qu

    I use these. There’s lots of different ones on the market but the ferals find them less intrusive and as long as I’m quiet I can usually get a few goes with the rake...
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    Plumber for stable - Tayside

    My husband is a plumber and he said the set up at a stables wouldn’t be much different to that in a house/outdoors area. It wouldn’t be considered a commercial plumbing job and you should be able to use any qualified plumber. Facebook local pages seem to be a good way to get recommendations as I...
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    Sarcoids - this is WAR!

    First post on google. Copied and pasted. It was the sarcoid expert vet who started us on it and it has proved it’s worth and effectiveness many times over. I came across this very interesting article which I thought I would share with you. I have started treatment on my mare Polly who has...
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    Sarcoids - this is WAR!

    Aciclovir has been a Godsend for my chap. Soon as they appear I pop some on. None have advanced further and some have just upped and left. I buy large tubes from the vet which last ages.
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    How to save my horses tail?!

    Baby oil will help get the burrs out and the poo won’t stick so much. I use shampoo by old style horse remedies and that works very well.
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    The smell of wee

    Biological washing powder. Scrub in and blot dry. Never ever rub it dry as you’ll push the smell deeper into the underlay. Keep blotting and leave to dry. Sprinkle bicarb, leave a few hours, overnight is best then vacuum. Once bone dry wipe over with either white vinegar or surgical spirits. I...
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    Pongy cat

    Lots of options
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    Liver biopsy

    My horse has had three biopsies, each showing further damage but also regeneration. His liver is app 50% broken now. He participated in the liver fluke testing trial, he was negative but here is a post from the Facebook page with contact details. ‘The horse fluke project has now come to an end...
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    OMG. Which one is smarter, the dog or the human.........

    Her name is Trisha Paytas and she is one of the original internet trolls. She’s actually really smart and is just really good at trolling 😁
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    Intermittent upset tummy?

    Mine is the same, going into its 4th week now. Fine in himself but needing washing twice a day due to copious amounts of liquid poo! Temp etc all normal and vet has put him on powdered steroids which worked brilliantly. However two days off them and it’s back to how it was so he’s...
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    Sudocream - how do you get it off

    Baby wipes is good at removing a lot of it but it’s a nightmare to get it all out. I baby wipe as much as I can, rub in powder and brush until most of it’s removed.
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    Dogs ears causing great aggitation

    Another vote for stinky stuff ear drops. Honestly did not expect it to work having tried everything else including veterinary stuff. Poor dog was driven mad with her ears. The difference was obvious after the first drop and it’s made a huge improvement to her ears and her life.
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    Horse transporter wanted

    I live in Northamptonshire and use David at DMA transport. He’s brilliant with the horses and I trust him implicitly.