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    Haslemere/Midhurst area Livery wanted

    I seem to be looking for the impossible. Ideally I'm looking for DIY/assisted/part livery with AYTO, a well surfaced arena, access to decent hacking and parking for a small lorry. Anyone know of any hidden gems within 15-30 minutes of Fernhurst?
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    For Sale Livery offered

    Hi, do you still have any vacancies? if so can you tell me exactly where you are, price and is there room for a horsebox/ Thanks
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    any Solicitors on here

    Wouldn't it just be easier to have new liveries to pay a months rent as deposit in advance? Any livery yard I've been on I've had to pay 2 months up front then when you give notice you have a month paid in hand so if you choose to go early you just lose your deposit
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    1st ever ODE...advice please

    That all sounds fine to me. Have fun and good luck
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    Searching for livery yards surrey/london

    Don't know if it's too far but Thundry Farm is just off A3 at Elstead. Has indoor school so doesn't freeze, is run by a BS coach and 8ncludes lessons in livery. Fabulous hacking in area but possibly not huge amounts of turn out
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    Before I go ahead, am I being fair enough?

    I'd say if you haven't signed an agreement then you probably wouldn't have to pat anything. However I think morally and to keep future options open then one months livery/rent is an acceptable and fair payment
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    Been left with a saddle I haven't paid for- advice please!

    It's possible that she's just been busy at the time of the messages/otherwise occupied and forgets to get back to you later. have you actually tried phoning her to see if you get an answer?
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    Rio 2016 - how to watch equestrian sports

    If you have sky the red button channels are about channel 981 onwards I think and you can record from there
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    Girth size for 14.2hh

    As iwantakitten says it depends a lot on the type of pony! I'm 5'6 but my waist measurement would be several inches different from Kate Moss!!!
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    I feel AWFUL

    This exactly how mine started to behave when he had gastric ulcers...
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    Towing - Kia Sorrento

    The weight a sorrento can tow will vary depending on year and whether diesel or petrol, manual or auto. It's actively the older manual diesels that had the best towing weight (2800kg from memory) newer ones are 2500kg I think so still ok for a trailer with 2 reasonable sized horses. I had both...
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    Showing/competiting alone, tips?

    I always compete on my own but I'm lucky enough to have a saint of a horse who I can leave on lorry/trailer while I collect numbet/go to loo/eat etc. However I do always put a note on entry form that I'm alone with emergency contact. also plan to put laminated contact sheet on lorry...
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    Would you take the money?

    It would a little bit depend whether she was in your room or you were in hers or if it was neutral ground (although this might not be logical to others!) If she's offered a number of times I might be tempted to take a small contribution as it might make her feel better even though you knew he...
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    Kia Sorento 2.2

    I had an old one (04 reg) which was fabulous for towing) I upgraded to a newer one (2011) model which doesn't have quite as much umph but still happily pulled my trailer with 2 horses on board so about the weight you're looking at. It's got much more spec than old one so I actually enjoy driving...
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    Julie Andrews Horse Insurance?

    As above...they are a broker but I got my lorry insurance through them Best quote out of loads I did and documents arrived the next morning. Very pleased with service so far