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    Eurocommerce singapore x Heartbreaker, anyone with similar?

    I have a 6yo gelding by Eurocommerce Singapore, he is a sweetheart. He can be a bit tricky sometimes (more to do with a teenage phase rather than breeding I think) but generally he's very well behaved under saddle and has a lovely pop on him. On the ground he is an angel.
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    South West People Competitions

    Depending where in Somerset you are there's West Littleton, 5 mins from Bath junction of M4. They've got events the end of May (organised by PC) and 6th June (organised by BDRC).
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    next one: stable rugs with clip on neck covers?

    As others have said FAL zip on, what size are you looking for? I bought this rug at Burghley, I was super impressed with it. It is a shame mine grew out of it
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    Who's going to Badminton?

    Rubbish, nothing is more important, not even final year uni exams ;)
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    Hacking out with someone on a bike?

    I hack out loads with my dad on his bike, there's lots of hills where I am and my horse is fit so trotting up hills is about the same speed as my dad on the bike (the hills do drag!) it is just going down hill the bike has to go a lot slower than usual! I find it really useful as our lanes are...
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    fly rugs with detachable/clip on necks?

    Nope, they've fitted mine really well. Fits my WB like a glove :)
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    Who's going to Badminton?

    All week! Monday - briefing Tuesday - drinks party Wednesday - mounted steward Thursday - Sunday, relax, enjoy and shop, shop, shop!
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    fly rugs with detachable/clip on necks?

    My Mark Todd rug clips on. It is a couple of years old, not sure if the style has changed.
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    What kind of XC boots does your horse wear?

    I love the le mieux boots, they fit my horse perfectly and don't slip or rub. If it's your first time XC do you really need proper XC boots? If you're not going to be doing it regularly a set of brushing boots or similar boots should be suffice.
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    Badminton Dressage Championships Grass Roots

    It's a lovely competition, definitely worth going to qualifiers :)
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    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Thank you everyone who has filled this in. The more responses the better :)
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    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Thanks for all your responses :)
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    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Thanks everyone!
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    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Hi Everyone, My friend has complied a questionnaire as part of market research for a rug design business. If anyone had a spare few minutes to fill the questionnaire out that would be very much appreciated. If anybody has any further comments please post on here or PM me and I will pass these...
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    Hock arthritis in a younger horse? And KS diagnosis

    Unfortunately it is fairly common, my mare had it so bad she was PTS when she was only 8 BUT she was an extreme case. I wish you well with Louie, there are lots of options to try :)