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    Blooming Wellies!!!

    Another dunlop fan. Wear mine for approx 5 hours a day for yard work and walking dogs. This is the 3rd year for this pair.
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    My horse is killing the yard chickens

    Is there anything you could 'spray' around the outside of your mares paddock that would make the chickens want to stay away? I know nothing about chickens, but if there is a substance they dislike could you lay a trail of it around her field , or a chicken scarecrow?? Hope you can find a solution x
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    East Sussex (and maybe Kent borders?)/ Tunbridge Wells commutable Livery

    Is Sevenoaks too far? Lovely yard on edge of Knole Park (1000 acre National Trust) so great hacking. All year turnout with good grazing.
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    How to fix *awful* forelock

    If you have a tail rake, use that to comb thro the underneath hairs of his forelock, that will thin it out and help it look less bowl-like. Then you can snip vertically upward - but you need to thin it out first x
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    Scrambling in trailer

    As others have said, removing the partition should solve the problem.
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    Farriers pricing

    I pay £120 for pads in all 4 shoes and road pins. I have never been charged to gave a shoe put back on - whether or not I have the lost shoe. I have her shod every 4 weeks.
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    What would you do? (Rehab)

    From what you are saying he sounds like he would be unhappy/dangerous to rehab. In your shoes I would be looking to completely turn him away (and I mean out 24/7, not coming in over night) and re-asess I 6 -12 months.
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    I can remember seeing a clip on the BBC years ago when a I was a child, where a hunt had been filmed and one of the hunt members was holding a fox by the tail and he threw it into the pack of hounds, whilst the rest of the hunt clapped. I still see that as a turning point in my life, when I...
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    Are people riding?

    You see, I think going to the supermarket is far more risky!! My horse is not at livery, so I meet no-one there. I am not taking any unnecessary risks, and I am doing no fast work. I could also fall and injure myself when I go trail running, and cyclists could also fall off their bikes.
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    Are people riding?

    And surely this is seen as your allowed daily exercise slot any way?
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    Are people riding?

    I am very rural and I am riding. After a 12.5 hour shift in A&E, I allow myself this small luxury. I am careful and am only going out for 30/40 mins, and I'll admit I am often crying as I ride due to the state of some of the patients I have cared for at work, but until the government advise us...
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    Livery yard options pls!

    As you say your current yard is very cheap, could you look at getting a freelance groom to help out once or twice a week over winter to give you a bit of a break?
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    Anyone else lost their motivation in this continual rain

    I work nights, so can ride in the mornings. Having a dry and clean(ish) horse - she is stabled overnight - makes the task much easier. I dont like the rain but unless it is lashing down I will ride in it.
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    Why should horses be on the roads?

    I dont see the question as being rude/angry. Many of my work colleagues just assumed I rode around the fields and were horrified that I rode on the roads and felt it highly dangerous that a horse would be so close to cars etc. I think many people are just completely ignorant and genuinely...
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    Eazigrazer/haybar with haynet tied in?

    i use a large haynet with my haybar and have the tie ring just below the edge of the hay bar.