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    Buying puppies by the litter from Ireland to sell in Scotland :(

    Guys! Looking for a bit of advice, long story short. A woman I know has been buying puppies by the litter from Ireland to sell in Scotland. I didn't know the ins and outs of it all, until a litter appeared at the yard where my horses are liveried. (Woman had told yard owner she had been 'given'...
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    Saw ragwort IN FLOWER this week!!

    I'm west scotland and found some in my paddock in flower last week too! Pulled it out and disposed of. Unfortunately I'm the only one on the yard who does this. Everyone else thinks I'm mad scouring the field!
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    Rug brands for deep chested, broad horses?

    I find shires rugs best for my chunk! And good value for money -mm
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    From shabby to..

    Oh I know! I think there is roughly 5/6 months between pictures, but he lost condition again after being gelded. Thanks for all the lovely comments. You don't quote believe the change until you actually compare. I shall need to do another update soon!
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    From shabby to..

    It really was a gamble. But was instantly drawn to him. He walked straight to me, his breeder couldn't believe it. I had originally viewing a 16.2 wb x tb.. But this wee guy stole my heart x
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    From shabby to..

    No, he was gelded the day after I bought him. We are at livery so didn't have the facilities to keep him entire. But he'd fathered a couple of foals. I'll look out some pictures! He's around 15.1 / 2 at the mo x
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    From shabby to..

    Thanks guys. He was a little diamond in the rough. He has the sweetest nature ever. And is quite the mover. His dad was German warmblood and his mother was Dutch x welsh.
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    From shabby to..

    He's very unusual lol. Plan was to bring him on and sell. But he's growing on me, but he'll have this winter with us and the started the year, may show him as a 4yo then wait and see. He really is part of the gang now.
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    Hunt ride at barskimming estate tomorrow ?

    Who's game?!
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    From shabby to..

    I hope this works!!
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    From shabby to..

    Chic! Thought I'd share some pictures of my little project pony. for anyone who doesn't know, this was the little guy who filled a space which was left by my previous project pony. Untouched, unhandled, rising 3 yo colt. I fell in love with his instantly.
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    New horse has arrived - meet Jazz!

    What a beauty! Mother reckons we shall have a grey next.. He's beautiful. All the best with him Mmx
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    Ringworm on the yard.. Advice?

    Thank you :) cant see any signs on my lot but I'll keep my eye's peeled! So how do i go about dealing with it? Stables will be scrubbed out with j. fluid asap. As I said- the horses affected are at the opposite end of the yard and dont get stabled at all thanks :)
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    Ringworm on the yard.. Advice?

    Hi you lovely lot! As the title says, there is 3 definate cases on the yard- confirmed by the vet (all horses belong to the same person - She owns 8). Closely inspected my 4 guys last night and cannot see anything on them, they dont come into contact with the other horses but want to be on the...
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    ****Weekend Plans****

    Tonight we have a jumping lesson, and tomorrow (depending on how the lesson goes:rolleyes:..) We are going to a local show, just novice wh- I've had a minor confidence knock!