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    DIY liveries, compatibility non negotiables.

    Think the poo picking is a little harsh. I poo pick every day in the summer but in the winter I work long hours and only have the opportunity to poo pick once a week.
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    Anyone selling a stop watch?

    Try ebay. I got mine from there for less than half the price.
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    Are my hats ok to use in competitions?

    Do they only have bsen1384? I thought the hs1 was ok but of they only have the bsen they are not ok for competitions.
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    Lame on a circle but sound in a straight line- ideas?

    My horse is the same. Sound in straight line, sound on a left circle, lame on the right. He has hole in his straight sesamoid ligament and is currently two months in to six months field rest.
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    Vibes please

    It's not a huge hole but it's in a very slow healing ligament. He is on four weeks box rest while he has shockwaves and will then be turned out. Luckily this is what my vet has recommended.
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    Vibes please

    Mine has been diagnosed with a hole in a ligament today and doesn't do controlled exercise. So I have opted to turn away for six months. Maybe discuss your options with your vet.
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    My horse has been diagnosed with a hole in the straight sesamoid ligament. Vet has given me two options, controlled exercise or turn out for six months. I have decided to turn him away for six months. He is very fit at the moment, was ready to one day event, and a bit of a stressy, spooky...
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    Mitsubishi Motors Cup RF Qualification

    Do the 90 open classes qualify?
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    Best watch/ timer

    I am also wanting this. But I think the optimum one that's around £50 is the best one.
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    Plaiting for affiliated dressage (prelim)

    Oh I am also very proud of my Welsh cob being a Welshie. But I also believe the dressage arena is where you show off schooling and breed is kind of irrelevant to this to a point. Where as showing is obviously to show off the breed. I generally only do dressage as part of eventing and very...
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    Plaiting for affiliated dressage (prelim)

    Yes he does have his feathers. I know it's traditional not to plait natives but think the fact you plait for dressage is more traditional than the fact he is native. If that makes sense. I also think it looks smarter. :)
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    Feed sharp competition pony that's not a good doer

    Top spec performance cubes work for my horse. He can be fizzy and these work for him.
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    Plaiting for affiliated dressage (prelim)

    I have a Welsh cob and do plait for dressage.
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    Stud holes

    I don't put anything in either. And then put these in the night before. They are fab and make putting the studs in on the day really really easy. Xx
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    BE eventing plan

    Was debating whether to attempt the 90 at howick but possibly wont get a cross country run before it.