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    Sweet dreams Doggle berry

    I am so very sorry lass.
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    Look at what I am getting

    So cute and so big already!
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    Maybe I spoke too soon.

    Oh a good update to be reading this morning 💗
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    Ouch! Hope it gets better very soon, and the cracked rib, bridge of nose... Last summer one of the Grots and D mistimed a run - Grot's head at full speed into human's knee 😳
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    Maybe I spoke too soon.

    Thinking of you lass.
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    Puppy updates

    Gorgeous dog!
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    introducing vera!

    Very nice!
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    Dog walking is dangerous!

    Absolutely all bendy bits are crossed lass!
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    Hard working Beardie

    Wonderful pictures.
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    Dog walking AIBU

    Yikes! Why oh why are people such ar$ewipe$.
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    A Dugdate

    He is gorgeous. I don't know the back story but this update sounds promising.
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    Could it get worse???

    Trying to enforce it with a puppy contract is almost impossible, especially as one often doesn't find out until after the event.
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    Look at what I am getting

    Bloody hell lass! What a scare. Very pleased she's okay.
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    Trembling when getting down to roll

    I couldn't help either horse.
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    Just applied for a doggy

    All crossed!