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    liver worries

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    Feed Advice

    Just a quick thought on a slight tangent... As he is relatively unknown to you - is it possible he may have fluke? I have struggled with one of mine on and off for a while, between us and the vets we went through every idea we could think of.. Then I learned what liver fluke can do to them...
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    would mud fever cause the whole leg to swell ??

    Yes, mud fever can and will do this.... for every body saying get the vet in, I am pretty certain they have already been as the OP states the horse is already on antibiotics! OP keep in touch with the vet and they will be able to advise the best course of action if this doesn't start to clear...
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    Hotels near Hartpury

    Possibly Corse Lawn House Hotel?
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    Buying drugs on the internet....

    While I understand that looking after and being wise with your money is important to the majority of people, and getting a good deal is very helpful... playing devils advocate here... the internet shops only concerns are premises to store and dispatch product from and a small team of associated...
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    Just thought I would share...

    Aaaw, he is lovely!! And love the womble connection too!
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    Foal Advice - which stallion???

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    Really, really wrong horse names...

    Come to think of it, one of my foals last year has the nickname Audrey - I guess it sounds normal to me now!!!! :-D
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    Really, really wrong horse names...

    A good friend of mine (who may have already posted, sorry couldn't manage all 26 pages!) has a very good bunch of stable names! All of these she has bred and named herself and all have proper names, but she has a philippa, Rupert, Barry, Dave, barnabus and Sophie - horses she has had not named...
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    Many Norfolk people on here?

    Me too... well currently in gloucestershire but from south Norfolk (near Diss) and mum and dad also have a little place at west runton, have spent so much of my time enjoying the riding round there! Glos just can't compare, especially lacking in beaches!!
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    Futurity results

    Ah I see - thank you for clearing that one up for me!! :D
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    Sad News- Primitive Star Filly IVY

    So sorry to hear this - she looked a lovely filly :(
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    Futurity results

    Some very good results, well done to all those involved! Ciss - does this mean that progeny by ungraded stallions entered in 2011, 2010, 2009, etc will also have their records wiped from the system in 2013 if the sire has not been graded? It doesn't apply to mine so I haven't read the rules...
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    Foal STILL scouring. Any ideas?

    To be fair though, a whole tube of Panacur is the recommended dose per 90kg bodyweight for a scouring foal of this age - we had one this year who was reasonably bright in herself but just continually scouring. Tried a whole range of supportive treatments but only really dried up after this...
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    Foal born with no eyes :-(

    It's totally different though, isn't it - a foal born blind as opposed and elderly horse losing its sight. I have to say, I'm not sure I would put any of mine through being blind but having said that I knew a working shire whose sight gradually deteriorated to the point of near blindness - his...