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    I must be mad, part 56,457

    Someone earlier suggested Lola, definitely pop culture and may be she will "look like a woman and talk like a man" as she grows up. Seriously nice looking pup
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    gain nutrition statement

    I have a vague recollection of something similar happening at Spillers many years ago, except that in that instance it was contamination from poppies which had got into some of the raw materials, I think the wind had blown seeds into the crop fields and enough had got into the cut to cause an...
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    Do you bring your horses in during bad weather?

    Mine do, more to save the ground really as they both hate getting wet and stamp about in their gateways turning the entrance to clay soup!! Interesting that one or two of you say your horses drag their hooves going out if the weathers bad, my highland is the same, to the point that I start to...
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    Rubber mats on half the floor?

    Looking to buy so neither as yet
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    Rubber mats on half the floor?

    Hopefully its more to do with the quality of the mat then and how heavy the horse is!! My big lad just drags his hooves so they slip if not tightly packed, maybe the little pony will be less clumsy :)
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    Feeding turmeric

    I used to mix it with flax oil but it is very messy. Much easier to buy one of the branded supplements and feed mixed into the feed as it is. I just chuck a scoopful into the feed, stir and serve up!
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    Rubber mats on half the floor?

    Is there a way to successfully secure them so they dont slip? Really dont want to do the whole stable as it has a leak on one side which Id rather leave clear so it drains through, pony doesnt need the whole area bedded either. Is there a good way to secure the front edge so they dont slip...
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    Vet visit yesterday for teeth and jabs so scanned both ponies. 1 had been done (suspected he was as he came from the kind of home where things were done thoroughly) the little one wasnt but as he was 15 that didnt surprise me, decided I ought to do him as he is a childs pony and I would never...
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    Im sure its been discussed before so apologies. Is this a fait accompli now. Vet due this week for booster and dentals and not sure whether I absolutely need to chip them? I know its "the law now" but I also strongly suspect there will be an awful lot of horses who wont ever see a chip or a...
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    Saving the world from fat middle aged women in see through white breeches (me).

    Well the jods are a 32", if you are close to Mk you are welcome to try them on
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    Saving the world from fat middle aged women in see through white breeches (me).

    Because depending on the size of your bum, I have a pair of Derby House, unworn, white jods that I bought and never wore, you could have had a long loan
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    Saving the world from fat middle aged women in see through white breeches (me).

    Dont suppose you are near Milton Keynes are you?
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    Do stallguards work with Shetlands?

    We have made an extra door for out Sec b who had to rest his head in a very uncomfortable position to be able to see out of his standard door. the normal door is pinned open and we made a slightly lower version for him which fits just inside, the only issue is it has to open inwards but as he...
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    I just adore Cctv

    Numpty question, my boys are in stables next to each other, can you set it up so that you can watch more than 1 stable, not at the same time ,but switch between them
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    Free to any home.......

    My 3 will sleep quite happily until my boss phones me, then all 3 decide we are being attacked, burgled, invaded by aliens or some such disaster and start synchronised barking. He has got used to me shouting "BE QUIET" or words to that effect half down the phone and no longer takes offence!