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    Foster mare urgently needed

    Foster mare needed as soon as possible for a 6 day old foal who sadly lost his mum a few days ago. (Lancashire) If anyone can help please contact Heather on 07960 459091. Foal still wants to suckle. National Foaling Bank have been contacted, sadly no suitable mare has been found yet.
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    Putting fatalities into prospective

    yes BUT each time you throw you still only have a 1/6 chance of throwing the six!!! so you were correct in saying the chance is 1/6 x 1/6x 1/6 x 1/6 x1/6.
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    Putting fatalities into prospective

    I agree. Ironically my first lecture of my Psychology degree was a lecture about how people/media etc lie with statistics............ LOL! (and therefore, as 'good' scientists, how we must avoid it! Also, I don't think you can just simply the death ratio of 4/1000 to 1/250. or that's what...
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    Putting fatalities into prospective

    I think you'll find your 1/50 stat is wrong is this is correct :D : so with my calculations if a horse has a 1/250 chance of dying per race and runs 5 times the it has a 1/1250 chance of finishing the season dead......
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    AES Stallion Grading

    Is anyone going and do you have a schedule/running order?
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    Putting fatalities into prospective

    I wholeheartedly agree!
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    Putting fatalities into prospective

    The figures are insignificant as I suspected. six deaths per 1000 is not a huge amount. 0.6%. Hardly a death trap. As wiki says its difficult to locate info on horse fatalities, I'll see what I can find for you. Have you found the link to the 23 horses that have died in the grand national...
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    Putting fatalities into prospective

    taken from wiki: Modern steeplechase races have an average of six horse deaths per 1,000 horses taking part;[68] deaths in the Grand National are higher than the average steeplechase, with six deaths per 439 horses between 2000 and 2010. also from wiki: Information about horse fatalities is...
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    Putting fatalities into prospective

    I will assume you misinterpreted what I said. You are speaking about one race. I am not. And I assume 'An average BE day' includes into's and prenovices? Hardly Grand National standard. Lets talk the likes of Badminton and Burghley events perhaps, make things more even. I believe it did not...
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    Putting fatalities into prospective

    I'd also bet that % wise it's a similar number of horses. How many horses race compared to eventing. A LOT more. FWIW I agree totally with silu and I'd go as far to say I think making the fences smaller has made it worse as the horses and riders are inclined to go faster.
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    Do you think she'll be early?

    this is my mare due 11th April (pics taken today at 324 days gestation) here's her history: 1st foal covered 5th may 02 born 12th april 03 - 2 days late second foal covered 15th June 03 born 13th May 04 (due date was 20th may) 7 days early third foal covered 30th june 04 born 20th may 05...
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    Potential broodmare

    Depends on breeding, performance and what type of injury.
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    How are everyone's three year olds looking?

    My 3yo still looks like a 2yo allbeit a very nice one. I won't be backing him until the back end of summer at the very earliest and will probably be more like over winter. I still have his mum too.
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    Likely sex of each pregnancy?!

    I read something somewhere about acidity in the uterus can affect one or the other sperm, but couldn't find reliable info so assumed it to be an old wives tale. I covered my mare naturally so using your ai theory magic it suggests a filly. However this mare has also produced 5 colts...
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    Mare aborted at 8 months :(

    So so sorry to hear that, thoughts are with you and your poor mare. :(