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    Twitching when sleeping

    Both my spaniels dream - twitching, wagging tails and woofing! You have to watch this - my little Holly fast asleep ...
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    BHS gold membership

    I cancelled my membership because of the trouble I had when I needed to make a claim on the insurance. As far as I understood, I was covered for third party liability, however when my horse got spooked and ran through his electric fence, he got into a neighbour's garden and trashed it...
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    Riding Club Camp report

    Looks fab - you certainly don't look as though you have any confidence issues! Well done.
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    Puppy! *pics - essential viewing.

    Ooh that has made me broody! I'd love another springer baby. But will settle with my two for now.
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    Hello from an oldie-newbie (or newbie-oldie!)

    Sorry - meant to post this in the club house!! DOH!!!
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    Hello from an oldie-newbie (or newbie-oldie!)

    Hi - I first joined HHO in 2007 but haven't been here for a while. However I have been logging on in the last few weeks and have been reading your posts so I thought I'd just say hi. I used to post fairly regularly but last year I lost my husband quite suddenly to cancer. Some of you sent the...
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    Camping With Dogs

    I love going camping with my two spaniels. They know to stay near the tent but I do have a corkscrew stake and/or a lunge line that they are tied to when necessary. They both sleep on my double air bed with me to keep me warm - you can't beat two hot water spaniels for warmth! Since my husband...
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    Tell us why your dog is your hero...

    Thanks H. Yes it has been a bit of a rubbish year, so much has changed since I last saw you! I would definitely love to meet up for a walk - I'll message you on facebook. My girls would love to see yours again although they are busy at the moment going shooting on Saturdays. x
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    Tell us why your dog is your hero...

    Thank you RK! They are completely the best thing we could have right now and they continue to be real heroes. My husband is home now but quite poorly so spends his day lying on the sofa. His two girls curl up next to him and stay there with him all day without moving (which in itself can be a...
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    RIP Sweep

    Have been thinking of you today Slinks. Sweep was such a special little character. I know that no words can help at this moment but I hope your pain soon turns to happy memories. Much love x
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    St Sweep

    Oh Slinks - I haven't been on HHO for a while, but when I saw this thread I was very apprehensive opening it, I was dreading reading this. I am so sorry and I know that no words can make this any easier for you. He has had a fab life of fun and happiness so doing the kindest thing for him only...
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    Tell us why your dog is your hero...

    My 2 springers have been my heroes this last month. My husband has had a lengthy stay in hospital after being diagnosed with cancer. My friends have been very supportive and have said they feel sorry for me going home to an empty house after visiting time. Except - it isn't an empty house, I...
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    Happiness is back in my life - as promised

    Am SO pleased for you Cas. I know that Joey would definitely approve too! When I lost my first dog, I had so much trouble coming to terms it, but I spoke to my doctor and he just said without hesitation, 'get another dog'. It was the best thing I ever did. I knew I couldn't replace Sykes but I...
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    Best place to sell a western saddle??

    I sold mine on ebay - got twice as much as I thought I'd get! Used citylink to post it from the midlands to the north of scotland for less than £15.
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    What calms your dogs?

    A real fire. As soon as my mad springers go into a room with an open fire, they will calm down and curl up in front of it.