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    Bucking Issues

    Vet has checked her over when xrayed and was fine. Problems started before the saddle was checked and got worse after it was flocked and fitted. Saddle fits fine but went better in the saddle which was too wide with a gel pad. Chrio, Vet and Sports therapist all works together.
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    Bucking Issues

    I have been having a few problems with Cat My section D for a little while now. She is a very sweet girl so what she is doing is not like her at all. It all started when I changed her saddle to one that fitted. She was a good girl but when I lunged her she would violently buck the first time...
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    2/3 horse Horseboxes

    We are looking for our first lorry and I have seen a few I like but not sure on the length. Those with lorries that can travel 2/3 horses ( 7.5t ) what length are yours and how are they to drive? x
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    Forward Facing Horseboxes

    Thank you all. x
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    Forward Facing Horseboxes

    Lorry measurement it 6'8 and my biggest horses take 6'6 rugs. This is our first lorry as always had trailers.
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    Forward Facing Horseboxes

    They have given the measurement but not 100% sure and don't want to waste anyone's time if my mare won't fit. x
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    Forward Facing Horseboxes

    Those with forward facing horseboxes, could you tell me the distance from breast bar to back of lorry please and the size of horse you travel. We have found a really nice box not too far away but I'm not sure Holly or Dora will fit. x
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    Shwmae horse products

    Wow after 3 days I have finally managed to get through all the posts! I bought a lycra hood from shwmae 2 1/2 years ago for my yearling. Always very polite and the product wasn't too bad. Not the best but didn't pay the amount they now charge. I did however have to chase them up for delivery as...
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    Welsh section C riders

    I have my welsh Section A for sale/Loan/swap and was thinking about a section C. I know it is a bit personal but how tall and weight are you all that ride section C's and can I have some photo's please? xx
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    Can a BS member do me horse search please

    Could a BS do me a horse search please? Looking for a mare but not sure if it the right one. x
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    Coloured stallion 'Mars'

    I am on the lookout for a really nice Coloured stallion for next year. Before he died I loved the stallion Mars. I have looked for a stallion by Mars but don't seem to find any. Does anyone know of one standing at stud?
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    Best place to sell top youngster

    I have got to advertise a youngster for my Auntie as my Uncle died a couple of months ago and everything has got to go. He wasn't going to be sold and come to me after to compete after he was backed but needs must and he has got to be sold. I am going to put him on Horse Quest and Horse and...
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    Cost of putting in foal

    We might be putting my cob mare in foal next depending on the out come of the vets on Tuesday. I know how much the semen is but what is the rough cost of everything else please so I have a better idea of how much it is going to cost me?
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    Showing a Colt help

    Yes. He is now 3 yrs old. He only started doing it in his last 2 shows last year and then went up twice in his only show this year. x
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    Showing a Colt help

    I have had several colts and Stallions but this one is really trying me. He is such a good boy at home that we do everything in just a headcollar but get him to a show and he turns into the devil. I can handle him hanging his willy out as I think time would make him better but it is when he is...