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    What to do next? Old injury

    Thank you for your replies. Yes he had scar tissue left over inside his tendon sheath - at the time of his op the vet was 50-50 on whether he would make a recovery. This could have changed over the years I suppose. I am also slightly suspicious about his barefoot trim as his hoof angle is less...
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    What to do next? Old injury

    I have a 19 yo 15.2 Andalusian x gelding with a range of medical problems. He has had episodes of laminitis on and off over the past 5 years so is kept in starvation paddock or muzzled and monitored very carefully. He's Currently absolutely fine. He also has arthritis in both hocks which were...
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    Hoof Boots vs Shoes

    My 19 year old horse has just started wearing hoof boots after we found shoeing was making him lame - we suspect arthritis somewhere in his front feet. He's doing SO well in them and is back to his old show-off self. Hoof boots have decent grip but I wouldn't wear them for jumping on grass as...
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    Swollen tendon sheath - Annular ligament desmotomy query

    Great news! I posted before that my horse recovered well from the same op. The vet advised using fleece bandages when we initially started riding out. I swapped these for some stretch and flex training wraps. We don't need any support now, he's totally healed!
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    Gutted - time to retire?

    Just an update after the vet's visit. So vet did lameness workup and horse was resposive to hoof testers indicating foot pain in the solar region. Slight response to flexion test too. Stumbly on large stones and better on flat ground. Vet thinks horse is lame in both forefeet. He doesn't think...
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    Gutted - time to retire?

    He has to be in a field, he's got arthritis. Imagine how stiff he would get in a stable! He's happy in the field moving about, he had a trot and a bit of a canter today when I put him back in the starvation paddock. He wasn't happy but it's been too sunny for him to stay in the big field. He...
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    Annoyed and upset after tonight's ride :(

    My spookster used to be an utter nightmare and I was always on the deck, a few times hospital, until I sorted his management. I swapped hay for haylage. He lives out in summer and out all day in winter. His feed was cut right down. He's good on Mollichaff Calmer. I also found he'd get stressed...
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    Gutted - time to retire?

    Thanks guys. We're pretty sure he's EMS but only very slighty - he's andalusian which are prone to being very feed sensitive. I hadn't realised about the devils claw being cumulative so I will make sure he gets it every day. I had stopped feeding daily for autumn in preparation for the grass...
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    Gutted - time to retire?

    Just wanting people's poinions as I am finding this all very difficult and it's making me really sad :( I have had my 18 yo horse for nearly 10 years. He's now just a hack since being diagnosed with bone spavin 4 years ago. A symptom was being disunited in canter so we can't school any more...
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    To add to his long list of issues... My 18yo horse has started violently jerking his head when ridden. This only happens with low sunlight hitting his eyes - when he goes from light to shade etc. Also happened today when sunlight flashed off a car. Would this be described as head shaking...
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    Swollen tendon sheath - Annular ligament desmotomy query

    My horse had annular ligament desmotomy and scar tissue removed from tendon sheath 3 years ago. He came back to full soundness afterwards. Make sure you do all the walking out during the recovery, we had my boy stepping over raised poles after a week so the scar tissue aligned itself correctly...
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    Tips for managing horses and toddlers

    I trained mine to have their naps at bringing in time. I used to drive up with them falling asleep in the car, park the car outside the stable, muck out and get horse (field only 15m from stables) while they slept. Now they are mobile I have mini tools for them to sweep and do a little mucking...
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    Child riding lessons

    My littlest boy is just 4 and has been asking to ride. My own horse is too big and sadly we had to have the little yard pony put to sleep a few months ago. So I took him to a riding school for a 'taster' - a little plod out on the lead rein on a gorgeous little pony with the instructor. He...
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    Keeping horse alone?

    That's interesting thanks. There are sheep available but they aren't exactly horses. I could get a companion pony that my children could ride but it wouldn't be particularly safe for them to ride on a bridleway by open moorland. My horse can be a bit stressy so probably will be one that can't...
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    Keeping horse alone?

    Been offered a nice sheltered field for my gelding. He's arthritic, laminitic and I think approaching retirement :( The field is a sloping 1.5 acres of 'yorkshire fog' type moorland meadow grass so good for keeping lami at bay. He would live out in his muzzle by summer and unmuzzled in winter...