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    For those who have both PTS and sold on horses

    i had my last mare PTS she was 6. purely as she was ill and nothing could cure her except living out - she was a field ornament who i couldnt afford for the next twenty years doing nothing.... nor could i risk giving her away. ive sold my first horse who was a nutter and should have been put...
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    Those with non horsey oh's

    first time i got him to muck out........ second time i got him riding my horse :D i love him but horsey time is my time :D i dont mind sharing horse time occasionally but hes not horsey and just does it to amuse me and irritate me as hes a natural rider :D
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    how to afford horses & children?

    Probably not qualified to selling my horse as i want a house/life etc - i cant afford even a house with a horse - so one has to go [horse] i couldnt imagine having a horse and a baby.... time as well as money... there are always horses - no matter how attached we are - my mare...
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    In the market for a 3 yr old heavy cob type

    preloved :D lots of coloureds tho....i knwo this as i have one - and id never get another :D
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    horses and OH's

    My boyfriend thinks my horse is 'cool'... probably as he only sees her every few weeks and dosent gethalf the crap that goes with it I did say a couple of weeks ago about selling up as i just had enough - i was met with a dont you dare... and suddenly more plans to see the horse.... He...
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    Colic Surgery - experiences, am I being selfish?

    mines insured - but a lot go over the insurance.... in all honesty i wouldnt put mine through colic surgery - even if it was an endless pot of money... but thats just me.
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    Increase in value post backing

    tbh i wouldnt touch a horse that had not been backed age 7..... even at 5 im wary about touching if it hasnt been backed. defo better value in backed v unbacked tho...
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    has anyone given up horses then regretted it?

    yes hated it... was miserable and had more money... was happy for about a month - then wondered wtf was i meant to do....... she went out on loan and circumstances as they were meant i got her back anyhow [i was plannign to buy another the following year and leave her there but didnt work...
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    What Are Your Absolute NO Points Re Horses?

    rearer and bolter If i had a true bolter it would be pts....
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    The 10 types of horses - funny

    i would have said a moody mare 12 month ago and i hated her now shes a ten..... i thought my last horse was a horse of a lifetime - this one is something else :]
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    Field 'divots' - do you stamp yours back down?!

    i have better things to do :D at an old yard a long time ago - the yo made us stamp them down, slightest bit of rain too they didnt go out - or if they were out they came in. Yard im on now, rolls and harrows so we have no need - and FWIW - we have tons of grass :D
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    Are you happy at your livery?

    yes. i love it. and id never move unless i moved areas. the facilites arnt amazing...but it suits - my horse is happiest shes ever been and so am i :D
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    What would you do if you ran over something in the car?

    some little cretin killed a cat a few years ago...he didnt even bother to stop. I pulled over and bundled the [unfortunately] dead cat into the car and took it to the local vets - for a chip...sadly nothing -but i think its the best thing to do i always stop - even that night i had my...
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    How often do you review how much your horse costs?

    never ever ever ever :D she gets what she needs.... and dosent go without :D
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    Cheshire Retirment Livery

    arley is better imo....