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    Automatic pet feeder

    I've definitely seen them either on Amazon or doing a quick Google. I was looking for a multi and mostly came up with single or doubles. This was the first result that came up on Google. Fully automated....
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    Lesson learnt out hacking this afternoon

    I've just ordered two of the bullet cams recommended by ycbm. Been meaning to do it for years but this thread has definitely motivated me to get on with it.
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    Good quality leather headcollar?

    Best one I have is a Sabre. It's almost too nice to use to be honest.
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    Do we over clip our horses

    Depends whether they need clipping! My Dales can't even do 45 minutes in walk without getting lathered if she's not clipped by mid October. It's also much more efficient in terms of my limited time. No spending 20 minutes getting dried mud out of a hairy native coat before riding, and no washing...
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    I'm delaying moving onto the winter field as long as possible. It's usually beginning of October but this year the grass is still very green. I'm going to have to just bite the bullet though as the hunt will be coming through the summer grazing in a week or so. Not ideal, it could do with a few...
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    Those who don’t insure

    Depends on a lot - your vet as much as anything. At the moment I have a good vet who I've known for over 10 years and who is happy to discuss, negotiate, work things out. More small animal vets, but you do get some who preface everything with "are they insured?" and then proceed to try and max...
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    Freezemarking in 2021!

    My big wuss of a gelding didn't even flinch when he was done as a drama queen 2 yr old. I have thought about getting my Dales mare done as quite honestly they all look very similar. If I were I your area OP I would definitely join in.
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    Fishkeeping is fraught and stressful

    I can sympathise. We've just spent 2 grand ripping two enormous tanks out so we can try and sell the house more easily. One was an indoor pool, glass wall. It was awful seeing the 8×4ft glass just dumped into a skip. Even worse, the 3 adult stingrays who lived in it had to go into temporary...
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    older horse stiffness problems

    Some vets use stabling as a diagnostic tool when they suspect arthritis in horses with turnout. Well rugged (if necessary) and out all the time makes a world of difference.
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    Fell experts

    Ooh exciting. Can't go wrong with a Dales!!
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    Fell experts

    I have a Lunesdale, decent movement, very trainable although can be strong. But that's just her, I'm a Dales person rather than Fell so can't say much about the rest!
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    Is it normal for a tractor mounted hedge cutter to operate from the field-side?

    I suspect some replies have been "short" because the original post sounds somewhat accusatory, to my mind anyway. Hedge cutters/farmers need to get on with their jobs, and cutting the hedges in the field is one of them. Fwiw I have turned round and exited a scene at a fast but controlled trot...
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    Sidebone and medial lateral imbalance

    I had a draught x TB 17.3hh with similar x rays although in his case the medial-lateral was ok but he continually wanted to go long toe/underrun heel. Unfortunately he had a lot going on, with neck, hock and SI changes so he did not stay sound despite very slow and sympathetic backing at 4 1/2...
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    Jacket zip - would you bother?

    I bought a Eurostar Martina jacket last September. I love it, but having brought it out for Winter coming I found the zip has gone. It won't catch at the bottom. I can button it still but without the zip its effectiveness is lost. These are not cheap jackets and it really annoys me! However is...
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    New field and sheep grazing it

    I wouldn't bother harrowing, ours graze with sheep almost year round. It's very good for worm control BUT do keep an eye on their feet. Sheep are very good at spreading bacteria that will cause thrush if the farmer doesn't have footrot under control. From memory I think 3 weeks is the minimum...