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    Do you ever invent things about your horse?

    Poppet wears floral dresses, likes Terry Wogan and is mainly found lurking at the Vicar's garden parties, eating all the cucumber sandwiches. Lottie models herself on Britney Spears, and likes baby animals and drinking prosecco with granola bars.
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    Do you ever invent things about your horse?

    Oh dear, me, my daughter and a number of friends have ongoing issues with creating alter egos for all our animals! Olly is a scrap metal merchant, living in a council house with his missus and 3 kids. Drinks lager with his chippy teas. Mal is an 80s throwback, would like wine bars and fancies a...
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    Un-catchable horse!!!

    Feel for you ... my mare occasionally becomes difficult to catch (generally when she is in season) and like you say, will come over, then take off when you try to put head collar on. What I discovered works for her is to take a bucket of her favourite treat, put it on the floor then not allow...
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    Kent and Masters Saddles

    I think that of you are after 16'' and 16.5'' you will have the added complication that many saddles start at 17''. I know ideal do some in 16.5 but smaller than that is a challenge in our experience
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    DIY rug repair

    For the repairs I cannot 'get to' with a sewing machine, I found some spray adhesive that does a good job (sticks you to the rug too if you are not careful).
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    Kent and Masters Saddles

    I have 2 ponies in Kent and Masters Pony club saddles, one 16'' the other 16.5''... I personally like them (my daughter originally used the 16.5'' on her cob and competed in dressage, show jumping and cross country with it. Only changed from the saddle because horse changed shape (Has another...
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    Societal constructs

    So according to the quiz on the bbc site (above) I am established middle class haha... try this one.... this says I am 'posh' I grew up in a council estate in one of the more deprived areas of the West...
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    Advice/opinions desperately needed.

    Firstly, I really feel for you, and guess many people have been in situations that lead to similar thoughts. OK so these are obviously my thoughts based on my mindset and outlook :) 1. You are at a stage in your life where you want to do new and wonderful things (as is right and proper) with...
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    Horsey people and there jobs

    Went from A levels to mental health nurse training in '84, then worked as a mental health nurse in the NHS until 2011 when I moved into psychotherapy work, following further training. Was one of the last lucky people who was able to retire at 55 due to when I qualified in mental health nursing.
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    WHS Win A Pony Competition

    Haha just found this thread! I entered for years, I remember one question showed photos of all the native ponies and you had to name them ..... I was gutted avery year when I didn't win, had to wait until I was 47 to get ours hahaha
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    Keeping hay in outdoor feeders - photo

    have made a very similar feeder, but we put 4 leadrope clips, attached to short pieces of webbing inside the box, then use them to clip they haynet in place. Working really well for us :)
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    Supplements for a sticky stifle?

    we have a horse with a locking stifle and were advised regular exercise to build up the muscle around the stifle is the way forward. He hardly shows any symptoms now with this approach. However we do give codlivine joint, not sure how much it helps though
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    Munchausens by proxy in owners

    I think you are noticing two different types of behaviours and these are probably generated by different thought processes/ needs. MBP, as said before would be where someone was inducing illness (eg administering insulin/ salt, to induce illness. I understand the theory behind it is that the...
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    Psychiatrist needed !!

    I am not for one minute going to suggest you should go down the self diagnosis route, and the questionnaire below would be used in conjunction with a clinical assessment but here is the standard assessment tool used for post trauma symptoms. If you are interested take a look :)...
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    Psychiatrist needed !!

    Micropony is absolutely correct here in that often GPs misdiagnose PTSD on the basis, it seems from my experience, of anxiety symptoms following an untoward incident. However you may be able to access an assessment and appropriate treatment offered via an IAPT team which means you do not...