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    Putting certain items on 'for the look'

    ^ Agree. Why do we as a sport put so much energy into slating hat others are up to? It is madness.... Same here. If things go t*t's up I like to have somewhere to grab that wont hurt the horse. Having a neck strap has saved me from a couple of nasty falls out hacking in the past when horse...
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    Horsey or non horsey OH?

    I have had both, husband is non horsey and I would not have it any other way! Horsey OH's just had to reaffirm they were the better horseman all the time,which is fine for a while but it got grating. I wanted to just enjoy the horses together, but oh no- a hack was not a nice afternoon...
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    Noooooooo... really? (pink thread)

    What size is it OP? I think it would be a bit too TOWIE for an adult, but a young girls dream come true :)
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    Check this out for a blingy hat!

    You could do it yourself for a fiver in Hobbycraft ;) It is too much for me though,I'm normally pro horsey bling but there has to be line! :p
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    We do have a surplus of some native ponies, many of which come to a nasty end. Perhaps looking at the excess Welsh ponies as livestock to be used for food would solve a few problems. I certainly think the question of consumption of horse meat needs discussing,we have an over abundance of...
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    Equine Clothing That Closely Resembled Police Uniform

    I agree. And not wishing to pick on them, but surely the RSPCA uniform which has unquestionably been designed to give a police like authority to it's staff is more in breech of the legislation then a hi viz jacket. I have seen riders wearing the Polite vests while driving and if you are...
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    Patey Corne

    For £500 they had better be!
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    robert whitaker kicking a security guard

    I think it is disgusting. He has been punished by the powers that be, so clearly they did consider it an accident and I truly can not think of any situation where it would be OK to kick or hit someone. I can think of thousands of reasons for wanting to do it,but to cross the line and last out...
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    Pets at home

    Well :mad: Although I must give credit where it is due and admit that not all of their stores are as abysmal as others, I do not think this is a positive move for us as consumers. If they can't get small pet advice right how on earth do they hope to cope with equine bits and bobs? At least they...
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    Teaching without qualifications?

    Bad BHS instructors are thankfully few and end to fall into two "camps". First, the "got the BHSAI t shirt 20 years ago and have no done a thing to develop my skills since" who I really dislike, and then the "I have my AI don'tyaknow so obviously I know more then you"(normally very young and...
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    Kauto doing dressage

    13 is not too old to learn a new job and while KS might be past it for racing he is not an OAP equine just yet for other activities. I don't think anyone expects KS to earn a crust at GP or show up in Rio,but I feel a working retirement is probably the best thing in the world for him. Anything...
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    What practices in the Equine world have shocked you?

    Ahh, so that is the look the rollkur lot are after :rolleyes: Like others have said, little shocks me now. Too many cases of abuse for vanity have left me convinced there is no depth that some will not sink to for a ribbon and a cup. Some things,like rolkur do disgust me. Lack of turn out...
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    Socks (for people) colour choice - Opinions please!

    A woman after my own heart- and sock collection!
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    Riding in the rain?

    Unless the weather is so bad that it could make riding dangerous(and I am thinking blizzards and thunderstorms- not wind and a few drops of rain!) I ride. Why would you not? We live in a country that is more wet then sunny, staying home because it is damp would mean never riding !
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    What is your definition/idea of a 'novice rider'?

    I think your description is the best here. It is very difficult to put into terms, but to me below stage 1 is a beginner. Stage 1 is a novice(basics are here and solid) stage 2 is a competent novice(able to do most things well but not great at them yet) and sage 3 is an intermediate rider(can...