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    Survey for masters dissertation

    Done but I'm not sure it's hugely helpful. I can't see how you'll get useful data from these questions, particularly not good enough for an MSc. I predict most of the answers you get will be 'neither agree nor disagree'
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    Saddles for Fell ponies/natives

    If you're anywhere near Cheshire I have an ideal heritage you could try but at 18" I assume it'll be too long.
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    Arthramid experiences

    Mine had steroids followed by arthromid after an MRI for something else found early changes. He has gone from school sour to not really minding the school work now. He's much more comfortable.
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    Nicola Wilson Update

    She said her legs were good so I imagine the chair is to keep her very still and restricted in movement while the injury heals. I was really sad to hear she doesn't think a return to top flight riding is an ambition but maybe she and her doctors are being cautious.
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    Bramham horse trials accident

    Another horse, Ms Poppins, has had to be euthanized after an injury between fences and near the end of the course. Rider statement says they took her back to the stables on the horse ambulance and after discussions with vets and surgeons they felt there was nothing that could be done. So sorry...
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    So which is anatomically the kindest bit?

    Depends on the anatomy of the horses mouth. What is comfortable for one may not be for another. I used a bit fit specialist and went with a HP relief bit, hanging cheek to reduce pressure on the poll. Doesn't mean this will be the most comfortable for your horse.
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    Travelling issues

    Following with interest. Mine is similar, as soon as we're not moving he starts stomping and kicking (for attention). The only way to deal with it so far has been to talk to him the whole time (which wasn't possible when I used transporters in a time of covid and couldn't travel with them) or...
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    Badminton XC thread

    There was one other occurrence which gave me anxiety through the cross country and no one else has mentioned it. Yes, Austin O'Connors hat silk! It was slipping back slowly all the way around and I was willing it on to make it the the finish line. It did make it but it was defying the laws of...
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    Badminton XC thread

    Maxine Livio has updated on Vito to say he is recovering quickly and returning to his normal personality.
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    Badminton XC thread

    I'm going to give OT the benefit of the doubt. I trust he's a good horseman who would have felt any issue from the jump and would have pulled his horse up. I saw him at Bramham when he felt something wrong before a fence, immediately stopped, jumped off while the horse was still moving and was...
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    Badminton XC thread

    Oh no! Nicola. So glad the horse got up. Hope Nicola is on her feet soon.
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    Badminton XC thread

    First rider doesnt start until 11.30am
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    Badminton TV dressage

    Mine is coping well, it's been reliable and smooth but I have full fibre to the property so a bit of an advantage.
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    Emissions test - any tips

    I had an old fiat which failed emissions. A mechanic told me to get a special additive, pop it in with some fuel and go for a long drive in top gear. I did a lap of the M60 and it passed at re-inspection. Cant remember the additive I'm afraid.
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    Badminton XC coverage is not live via the BBC red button this year

    I saw there was a statement apologising for the break in the live stream. They said it was the same company they've used in previous years to supply the feed to the BBC. I assume staff have changed in the two years since the last event. They said it's not possible to get another company in...