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    Dog Prices!!!!

    What is with the over inflated prices at the moment? I sadly lost my dog in March and would now like another but prices are horrendous - even older out of the cute puppy phase dogs are in the thousands!!! I have to work so dont fit the critera for many rescues that like you to be home all...
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    Any dobermann people

    I have a 7yr old Dobey.
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    Equibeet getting expensive - and Speedibeet even worse :(

    Sugar beet is a winter crop though!!!
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    Unethical breeding?

    We bought a 4yo unbacked IDxISH backed gently, then turned away over winter. Brought back into work as a 5yo and he started misbehaving, realised it was more pain related than behavioural so vet called, x-rayed and arthritis in both hocks. Hocks medicated, but the outcome looks grim for such a...
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    Puzzled by Ginny's Nappiness

    I would get a really good mctimmoney chiropractor out to look at her. My horse had niggly issues that slowly got worse, I had vets, pysio, saddler, dentist and vet again and all said nothing wrong!! Finally got a 3rd vet who said he looks misaligned in his pelvis, he'd just finished studying...
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    choosing a stallion

    Might be too late for this year as the breeding season is almost over but worth putting together for next year. Or offering a late deal. I'd want to see a professional advert or website with good conformation pictures, a video of him being stood up, walked and trotted up on the hard and a...
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    Space at home for horses

    Do you have horses already? Are they happy to be stabled all day? Are they still quiet to be ridden from being in a lot? Personally I would investigate renting a paddock or paddocks nearby to see what your options are? E.g. How do you get from home to field? Is it walkable or do you need to...
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    Paddock Topping

    We were advised to go for a flail mower, it mulches the grass cuttings into tiny pieces that then feed the growing grass. We cut and rest the paddock keeping the horses off for a minimum of two weeks to allow the clippings to fully break down as obviously cut grass is lethal if ingested.
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    Renting yard to professional

    If you are unsure of value, I'd ask a specialist agency to handle it for you, what to charge etc, yes they will take a commission but it might be worth the peace of mind. Check your insurance covers you renting and making an income from the yard, you will also need to inform hmrc, even if there...
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    Renting yard to professional

    Are you including turnout? Even most pros consider turnout an important part of exercise and horse well being now. I too would want a hefty deposit, a tight contract saying what they are responsible for, damage, repairs, general upkeep, poo picking, paddock maintenance etc. Also you might...
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    sand school riding surface??? the big question !

    Our school is approximately 15 years old, we are on clay, and no clay does not drain well, you will need proper French drains or the clay will compact and hold the water. Our surface is sand and rubber chips, I don't know what grade of sand it is but when dry the rubber dissapeared into the...
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    Horse nervous of others in the warm up - tips please

    Depending on distance I would warm up at home so if he's a monkey you can just mooch about the car park.
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    Professional schooling - yay or nay?

    Yes!! A pro can install buttons, teach it movements or help iron out any issues quicker than your average rider. Many of us buy young or green horses as it's all we can afford so we often need a bit of extra help, there's no shame in that. I'm not the worlds best rider but I school my oh's 4yo...
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    How much would you pay for grass livery?

    I would want the post and rail electrifying to discourage chewing or leaning over, will save you a fortune in the long run!! Does the land cope with 24/7 x 365days grazing? You need to put some money aside each month for grass seed and fertiliser, both of which are quite expensive, but...
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    Indian Ring neck parrots

    After much deliberation I think I will go for an Alexandrine as I have been told by several breeders they have an easier temperament than an irn. The only downside is price, I was looking at either a blue or yellow irn, but the price for a blue Alex is £4K+ or £250 for a green!! Guess green is...