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    Utter loss of confidence - has anyone come out the other side?

    I had a riding accident in 2007 when my horse flipped over and landed on me whilst cantering out on a hack :( I was air-lifted to hospital and put in intensive care before being moved to a ward and kept in for a further 3 days under observation. It took me 6 weeks to get back in the saddle...
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    synthetic dressage saddle, thorowgood and other?

    Just bought a Wintec Isabelle dressage and it's FANTASTIC!! The difference in my horse and I was huge and instant! It takes all the effort out of sitting in the correct position :) I use mind for hacking as well and find it incredibly comfortable! Definately worth a try! (I have the flock...
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    ***Weekend Plans***

    We're getting everything ready for next week's Pony Club Camp!! It's going to be a good'un! :D Good luck to everyone competing! :)
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    Team GBR Destroy the opposition at Hickstead

    I was there at Hickstead today and the horses looked and jumped fantastically! :) Suprised the course caused so many problems in the first round for the other teams :confused: Agree that Billy Congo looked very impressive and really stood out :)
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    Which advert pic to use?

    I would use the last one as although you're jumping away from the camera it shows a good fence to say that he happily jumps (ditches/trakehners) and also shows the horse's fabulous technique!! :D
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    Describe your horse in 3 words...

    As title really :) For me: Genuine, talented and a real-little-pickle (the real little pickle bit is 1 word as i put a - between each letter ;) :p )
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    Saddle arrangements for a new horse

    I had to make do with the saddle that came with him. The previous owners hadn't had it for him for very long so it was in good condition :) Plus he was at the top end of our limited budget and we didn't really have much money left to splash out on a new saddle! It was absolutely fine for the...
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    5 1/2 weeks off!!! Anyone else?

    I broke up on the 24th June :p Though that's only because that was my last GCSE exam :eek: I go back really early on the 31st August though as I'm heading to a 6th form college...
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    Ohh my God!! Oki Doki has Died!! Nooo!!

    I totally loved this horse!! :( :( :( :( :( :( Thoughts are with Owners and Albert :( RIP :(
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    To go for it...or not to go for it that's the big question

    Thanks Firewell and I think you have put your finger on it with why he jumps better! :) MerryMAL, good plan :) Fingers crossed then ;)
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    To go for it...or not to go for it that's the big question

    Thanks to you both :) MerryMAL I think probably the best thing to do is to see how he goes on the day do you reckon?? I will probably do the 1m before anyway to warm up and that way he has already seen the course at a height we are comfortable with before asking him to jump them at a bigger...
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    To go for it...or not to go for it that's the big question

    No I'm in seniors :) And no it wouldn't have the same technical questions or striding and is unlikely to have a treble or anything :) Like I said it is just for training. More for the height and how he copes with it than anything else :)
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    To go for it...or not to go for it that's the big question

    Oops sorry i forgot to add that the course is likely to be the same as at the 3ft clear round level as they just put the fences up :) Why would I like to do NC...mmm....well I guess I love jumping and if my horse is capable why not?? This weekend is only a clear round day so I was thinking of...
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    To go for it...or not to go for it that's the big question

    And I need some help answering it! Planning on going to our local clear round jumping on Saturday :) We have been many times before and always hovered around the 90cms/1m mark. Before the end of the year I would like to have a go at a BS Newcomers (or that's the plan anyway ;) ) But I'm...