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    Curb chain query

    It could be but then you still have the same problem with a weymouth. Sprenger made them, think they were something like £50 a curb chain!
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    Hay bags for stable - recommendations ?

    I have a haygrazer bag, it's about 6 months old and already one of the webbing straps has come apart from the top so the hole is bigger, can't say I'd recommend it.
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    I've had feed companies out that do it for free so it's not something I'd pay for
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    How to do a fast muckout

    This is the biggest thing for me, I can take 20 mins if I'm being slow or 10 mins if I pull myself together and just move quicker. It's the leisurely taking my time moving the fork from the bed to the wheelbarrow and back again that takes a surprising amount of time as opposed to trying to get...
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    You’re predictions for the future of horse sport

    Without meaning to start a fight I think in the distant future all horse sport will end, the peta types will win and it will be unconscionable to ride a horse.
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    Recommend - personalised neck strap

    Having seen a neckstrap go flying over the head and hanging underneath by the reins when the horse had a bucking fit I can understand the benefits of attaching it to the saddle. That's the thing with neckstraps, I almost never reach for it in an emergency but there's something psychologically...
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    Recommend - personalised neck strap

    Salute equestrian do a personalised leather one but they're very pricey
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    Magnetic therapy boots - useful or quackery?

    Science says magnets don't work, any perceived improvement is just the placebo effect
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    Celeris Boots - has anyone taken the plunge?

    I bought a sample pair of navy bia, they are absolutely stunning and with the laces they fit pretty much perfectly despite not being made for me. I couldn't really justify them to myself at full price, especially as an everyday pair, but they were almost half price in the sale.
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    Lemieux matchy craze?!

    Le mieux didn't start the matchy craze and it's definitely not a new thing either, I don't know if anky started it but I remember admiring the anky sets at least ten years ago now.
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    Grooming mitts

    I had a super sensitive mud monster of a horse that only liked really soft brushes, he would flinch away from dandy brushes or a rubber curry comb. He happily stood whilst I scrubbed him with a cactus cloth though.
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    Best Waterproof Jacket - Long and Short

    I've just bought an equetech venture extreme long coat, haven't tested its waterproofness yet but I chose it because it hopefully will be truly waterproof and not just showerproof. It's lovely and warm and I think looks very smart. It was somewhat difficult to get hold of, it was out of stock...
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    Which side for rein buckle?

    I was taught to have the bight on the right, no idea why it was insisted on but it now feels weird to do anything else.
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    How far would you travel for DIY yard ?

    I lasted a month of driving 45 mins each way twice a day but I wouldn't recommend it, I really came to resent how long it took, I spent more time driving than I did with my horse. 20 mins is probably my limit long term.
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    Turnout rugs indoors?

    I don't like stable rugs, they get wet and smelly and if you have a grey they can still get stable stains through them. I use turnouts inside, the outside gets a clean when it rains so they never get too bad. I also leave rugs on to dry as long as they aren't wet underneath, I'd rather they stay...