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    Breasts the size of footballs!

    I'm exactly the same, I have a 28 underbust and find 28F the most comfortable and supportive, it's really not very big if you look at just the cups. It was a revelation when I went to bravissimo, I didn't think there was any way I could be above a D cup. Bra style matters a lot as well...
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    Selling for the First Time :(

    One thing that helped me when I was selling was the fact every horse I've owned I've bought off someone else. If no-one was willing to sell I (along with most other people) would never have the opportunity to own a horse.
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    Find me this nose rope!

    link to one on etsy here, they've called it an indian bosal
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    What do top grooms earn?

    A friend of mine has just found a job as a head groom, they were getting offers between 400 and 500 a week including free accommodation and all bills paid. They have a lot more experience than 5 years though.
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    I did BUCS a couple of years ago, you were only allowed 5 minutes and up to 4 practice jumps and then jumped a course up to 90cm. At regionals same practice time but a course of 1m, the final round of the finals is up to 1.20 and you still only get 5 mins warm up. 20 mins seems masses of time...
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    I wouldn't have one unless I had my own place, it can be a nightmare trying to find livery for them and even if you do they can end up leading very isolated lives at a livery yard. I've worked with a number of them, most you wouldn't have noticed they were entire, they would happily hack out...
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    Best spot cleaner for greys

    Another recommendation for cowboy magic greenspot remover, it is amazing.
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    Rug Marking

    the sew on labels you get for naming school uniforms are good, just sew them in a loop around a front buckle
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    Curb chain query

    It could be but then you still have the same problem with a weymouth. Sprenger made them, think they were something like £50 a curb chain!
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    Hay bags for stable - recommendations ?

    I have a haygrazer bag, it's about 6 months old and already one of the webbing straps has come apart from the top so the hole is bigger, can't say I'd recommend it.
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    I've had feed companies out that do it for free so it's not something I'd pay for
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    How to do a fast muckout

    This is the biggest thing for me, I can take 20 mins if I'm being slow or 10 mins if I pull myself together and just move quicker. It's the leisurely taking my time moving the fork from the bed to the wheelbarrow and back again that takes a surprising amount of time as opposed to trying to get...
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    You’re predictions for the future of horse sport

    Without meaning to start a fight I think in the distant future all horse sport will end, the peta types will win and it will be unconscionable to ride a horse.
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    Recommend - personalised neck strap

    Having seen a neckstrap go flying over the head and hanging underneath by the reins when the horse had a bucking fit I can understand the benefits of attaching it to the saddle. That's the thing with neckstraps, I almost never reach for it in an emergency but there's something psychologically...
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    Recommend - personalised neck strap

    Salute equestrian do a personalised leather one but they're very pricey