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    WWYD? Rehoming pair of ponies

    If your other half is attached to them and is reluctant to let them go, why do you feel you must take charge and sell them? They aren’t “wasted” being horses together, they have no HOY‘s ambitions. I would be sensitive to his feelings as a recently bereaved, and I imagine the ponies will give...
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    Update on vetting!

    He looks worth the wait! Enjoy! X
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    Hug your horses..

    i am so sorry. once the horrible shock lessens please remember you’ve had such happy years with her xx
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    HOYS - Showing the world that a lame and obese pony can be a champion

    The mini’s are judged vey highly on manners, and for tiny riders with really only the goodwill of their ponies to keep them safe in a highly charged atmosphere this is the first and foremost consideration to me. I am quite surprised at some of the comments, re grab straps. I’d rather see a 3...
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    Pictures I may have done a thing…buying unseen

    He is gorgeous. How exciting!
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    They say never meet your childhood hero....

    As a child of the 60 s I can honestly say that I am not offended by words. However,if someone says something derogatory I will respond. The whole being offended thing worries me. People are so careful with words now, that heartfelt honest reactions seems to be very difficult. Don‘t be offended...
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    Agrobs Mash - worth the hype?

    I bought this off amazon, and I'm a little bit suspicious as I hadn't heard of the retailer before, and it was supposed to be the mash.
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    Pregnancy improving lameness??

    If it helps, pregnancy really reduced the pain from bone spurs I had on my hip joint. I have no idea why.
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    Agrobs Mash - worth the hype?

    Mine loves the Agrobs mash and it sorted out his loose poos. He looks great on it. ( He wasn't at all keen on the muesli and it looked different to me from when I last bought it, a few years back. There were no little flowers and the fibres were coarser.)
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    Sleep tight my best friend

    So sorry for your loss PF x
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    Alternatives to TB base mix

    I use Agrobs gut mash, horse loves it. Don’t buy off Amazon, I was sent something completely different by a third party company 😠
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    Dealing with horse loss

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope the self questioning part of grieving is beginning to fade now. You stood up for your horse and made the right call at the right time. Xx
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    Hip pain when riding - solutions?

    It was interesting to re read. Truenorth I will pm you. Paddy 555, Do you have any pics of your Peruvian? I’m sure I can’t be the only person who would love to see you in full kit!
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    Pony with the dreaded colic..

    Hoping for good news later, and that the buscopan does the job. x
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    Bits for Fussy Horse?

    Mine hates movement and is happiest in a loose ring nathe. I am trying to find something narrower, without success.