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    Oliver Townend Fence 4 (Shallow Springs)

    Its very unlikely any horse will go round a top level event and not have some element of muscle stiffness afterwards. If you or I competed in a triathlon, we wouldn't expect to skip freely round the house the next day. There is a meticulous level of effort on the XC evening by...
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    looking for info please.

    As far as I know: veterinary history is sent to new practice, but they have to ask you first to give permission to request dogs info from old practice to new. Veterinary history should be available on request - I needed it for an insurance claim, when it was treatment over a period of time. Not...
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    Dream breed(s) you've always wanted

    I wish! Although for a bonus, if food gets dropped , he waits for permission before having it. (Someone has to shout ‘Doggy bonus!’)
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    Dream breed(s) you've always wanted

    A whippet lurcher that doesn't do horrified virtual pearl clutching when you put a bowl of food down that hasn't met 'Sighthound Impossible Criteria for Food Standards' I think I'm always having the whippet with a smidge of collie lurcher. I might have a pure whippet to experience the full drama...
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    Out killing

    The mostly whippet has done a few rabbits and was very quick in despatching them. So massive disappointment when I woke him up and pointed out the mouse (noisily wrecking the fridge wires at night and chewed through the humane mouse trap). I'd hoped for a speedy resolution. I got a 'nah' and...
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    Sensitive food

    Normally I would have recommended Angell Petco sensitive range, but sadly they have changed the recipe and it now include pea protein, an ingredient that my dog cant have :( Going to trial Bentley's – Taste of the Ocean, and see how that goes. Ingredient wise, it looks like the best bet so far.
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    Encouraging Drinking

    Chuck some chicken wings/thighs in a slow cooker and cover with as much water as you can. After an overnight cook, strain and save the water. Mine loves it, and I use it for days when he has a gippy tum.
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    Irresponsible Owners

    My favourite recently- off lead big chunky Staffy something giving us the "I'm going to do you over " stare with a far away oblivious owner. Once they realised, it was a full 5 minutes of yelling "DARREN!", followed with "THIS WAY!!". Because thats the winning command isn't it? 🤣
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    (Hopefully) quick joint supplement question

    Looked at the Yumove 360, as I had been wondering if it was worth it. Interesting to see in the FAQ, they recommend using the human version iMove for dogs with kidney issues (something about a caking agent for tablets) The composition of both is similar and wouldn't need a prescription for the...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    Genuinely and in my limited experience, I don't think you could have anticipated this, or have done anything wrong. Dog ownership and subsequent attitudes to good dog behaviour have made a massive change in the last few years, and not for the better. Dogs being allowed to have the equivalent...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    Imagine if I started a new job and on my first day ran up to new colleagues, gave them a massive hug, quick snog and then shoved them to the floor and yelled "HELLO!, I'M IN CHARGE ROUND HERE!" Hope pup and you are okay though.
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    Am I expecting too much?

    Apparently, it was my fault, as I'd seen him, and could have moved onto the very muddy path one metre away. I did mention that FlufferPoo had made the full speed bomb towards us over 10 metres away, but hey, can't fix stupid eh?
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    Am I expecting too much?

    A moment today, of total agreement with another dog owner, when they called me a "precious dog owner". I explained his off- lead out of control FlufferPoo was not welcome to climb all over my on lead dog that has ongoing muscular skeletal issues. His response was to tell me to "Be quiet" ...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    Any off-lead dog with an missing or away-with-the-fairies owner gets a certain beady eyed stare from me (think Paddington Bear). Generally, I find muttering 'Ar**h**e' as we go past helps. Not the actual situation, just my temper 😜
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    Irresponsible Owners

    I feel really down about it, I dont feel like I should have to justify everything with my dog being nervous. She's not massively nervous, mostly indifferent, but who would like two huge strange dogs piling on them? I certainly didn't appreciate it for myself regardless of my dog. It's making me...