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    Issues with food bowl?

    Looking for advice, if anyone can help please. I have 4 chihuahuas, all great little dogs. Since overhauling their diet at the start of the year they have all become trim, and so much fitter and happier. One gives me concern around feeding time, and I’m not sure how to help her. I prepare...
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    Who to turn to re cruelty in picture?

    Thanks but I tried everything I could find. The chat was an automated thing that just said to call between 8-8. The original poster on the Facebook discussion has now raised something with whw, so the ball is rolling.
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    Who to turn to re cruelty in picture?

    Yes, I have read the website several times, but can only see to phone them. Thanks.
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    Who to turn to re cruelty in picture?

    Only take calls as far as I can see. Online form was for media enquiries, donations etc.
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    Who to turn to re cruelty in picture?

    A closed group on Facebook to do with naming dodgy dealers, has a post about an individual holding a foal up in the air by its neck and tail. Not sure how the poster obtained the photo, but it looks like a screenshot from the persons profile. Said photo has been deleted from his profile although...
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    Youngstock livery: what is expected of the horse, and provided by the yard?

    Toying with this for my cob x yearling, as I feel like I need a break from horses at the moment. Is there a requirement for potential liveries to be at a certain level in terms of handling? Eg ok to catch, tie up, farrier. What would be provided in terms of care? I’ve not looked for one as...
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    Blair Castle Horse Trials

    Keep an eye on their website for ticket sales. I don’t think they were selling at the gate last year.
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    Has anyone heard of a dealer named Westwood in Aucterauder?

    Miles and Rowanne post under their names and Whitemoss. View and vet.
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    Livery yard issues am just been grumpy or should I say something to the YO

    I used to have a horse on livery at a place in Dundee. One of the livery’s had 10 horses. All stabled and on huge deep beds. Spent her days mucking them out. She could have financed her own yard.. OP, can you ask on the group chat if a general meeting can be held with the YO and all liveries...
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    Old Style Plaited Cotton Reins

    I loved them. Nearest I found was soft rope ones from Kramer, but not plaited.
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    Anyone else concerned about hay for next winter?

    One local hay producer has just announced he is cutting back, due to cost of everything from fuel to fertiliser. My provider has finished selling all of his hay, with none available until next harvest now. He also said prices will need to go up. I’m worried about affordability and availability...
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    Salt licks in Home Bargains!

    Still in the Tain branch for anyone way up North!
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    Buying a heavy horse?

    All of the above, although you can get a lot of xfull size now. Poo picking - elephant size 💩😳
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    Dunoon: anyone live in this area?

    Thanks both. I visited Dunoon many years ago, and recall it looking tired. OH job would be in Dunoon with unsociable hours, so we may want to avoid anywhere that relies on the ferry. Certainly would consider out of town though.
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    Dunoon: anyone live in this area?

    Potentially moving to this area with OH ‘s work, so looking at equestrian options nearby. I only have my little Shetland gelding and donkey mare, so a yard is not essential. Also looking for advice on residential areas to avoid, if any, as initially will be looking at renting a house or flat...