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    Natural horsemanship for dogs

    Thank you Skib, really grateful
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    How to improve position? / Classical dressage inspiration

    Following with interest. I really like Mary Wanless but could do with more help with my position.
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    Natural horsemanship for dogs

    I've been on HHO for donkeys years but rarely venture into the dog section as I don't have a dog. I'm here for my sister .. My sister (who has had several working dogs previously) now has a male springer spaniel puppy from a strong working line. He's about six months old and, as I see it, has...
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    Turnout rugs with belly flap

    I had a wonderfully warm foal rug with a belly flap which fitted my pony (4'6") but I don't know if you can get them for horses.
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    Late cut hay

    I'd never heard of it before this year either!
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    Rugs keep falling to one side

    I have this problem with Amigo rugs but not Mark Todd.
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    Drag hunting - could we do it?

    Thank you for all the replies - really helpful.
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    Drag hunting - could we do it?

    We've been out on hound exercise with the drag hounds a couple of times this season and last but never been autum hunting. We both loved hound exercise and would like to do more. My horse is 20 years old and up for anything but not very fit. I know that the drag hounds follow a scent and...
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    Worst thing the cat's done.

    Another Ragdoll owner here (two brothers). I've had other cats but these are in a class of their own! Why do they eat plastic bags? I simply can't work that one out o_O
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    hoovers for dog hair....gtech air ram k9

    I'm always interested in hoovers as I have long haired cats and their hair is a nightmare. I currently have a Vax which is pretty useless. I've heard Shark are good but exorbitantly expensive!
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    DIY livery and sharers

    My arrangement is that my sharer has my horse for two full days a week. My horse needs feeding twice a day, so my sharer has to go to the yard twice a day.
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    Tack cleaning - how often??

    I wipe over with tack cleaner after every use and take apart to clean every few weeks. Can anyone recommend a good saddle soap/tack cleaner or conditioner that doesn't make the leather look dull - or rather actually makes it shine please?
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    Welsh section a feed advice

    Low sugar, low starch and fibre, fibre, fibre. As said above, grass and hay should be enough, but if he needs a feed, I'd give him a handful of Dengie molasses free chaff and/or fast fibre.
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    Which insurance company do you use?

    I no longer have vet cover as my horse now has so many exclusions, but previously I had insurance with SEIB. They were brilliant - couldn't fault them. They paid out far more than I ever paid in.
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    Remedial Shoeing in Thoroughbreds - How practical and how successful?

    As previously mentioned, Pro Hoof by Progressive Earth is brilliant. My ISH with dreadful TB feet (flat, no heels, laminitis, corns) now has great hoof quality which has enabled my farrier to keep her sound and comfortable.