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    Dressage divas - some advice please

    Talking petplan for a mo - So are you saying that for me to do two regionals for petplan I would need four sheets?
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    Dressage divas - some advice please

    oh what a pain. We were leading until the final four went in. Don't you just hate that eh!
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    Isabell werth picture in last weeks H & H

    Hi, Does anyone know the name of the stubben bridle on the horse Isabell Werth is on. It's the inside cover of last weeks H & H. Thanks.
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    Dressage divas - some advice please

    Thank you guys. It's two tests over 60% for petplans. I'll make sure I keep the test sheets. Also, can I enter more than one regional?
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    Dressage divas - some advice please

    Hiya, I have just started dressage with my new horse and he did pretty well last week at a show. won prelim 7s and 4th in prelim 17sq. I know he has qualified for the petplan regionals - whats the standard like there and also has he won points here at prelim and also is he half qualified for...
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    Dressage career help!!

    This sounds quite big headed (i'm sorry), but he is already working at elementary at home. I want to go straight into affiliated and have done it in the past. I have already affiliated him and me.
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    Does every horse have to have a passport by law? As I read on defra website that if they don't, you cannot move them or expect to be able to do anything with them. Does that mean if you have a hairy pony in a field that doesn't ever come out, it doesn't need one. By the way, all mine do have...
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    Dressage career help!!

    Hi, have new young horse that moves stunning (if I may say). However, having been out of the dressage scene for quite a few years. Wondered if anyone had advice on what and when I start doing qualifiers. Whats an acheivable level in my first year. My horse is six and will be ready to go out in...
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    Euthanasia c*ck up!

    Dougals mum - that is so sad. My heart goes out to you. I have two old ponies their combined ages add up to nearly 60!! So obviously I am considering what to do when the time comes. Yours is not the first story I have heard. I knew someone whose horse actually got up and bolted out in shock...
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    Equine Narcolepsy??

    Looked like laminitis when I first saw it. Pointing n warm feet. Watched her for a while and she was very wobbly when walking also she was buckling and looking like she was going down. She didn't n just wandered on. This happened 3 or 4 times in bout half hour. She is old. I wondered if it...
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    If money was no object

    Kyra Kirkland for dressage. Steven Whitaker for showjumping. He's done quite a good job with Ellen eh?
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    New York Spritzer

    I am sure that I saw Skyline jumping at Towerlands recently. I loved watching Spritzer. I also saw Inch High. Who remembers her? and yes she was competing. How cute she was and did not look 31!!
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    Nervous neurotic horse

    I think it sounds like his back is still a bit sore. I have an equissage, its great. They do a free demo. Just go on the website and have a look. Free massage and might be just what he needs. Good Luck
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    Remedy needed for splint

    Splint on a youngster might reabsorb. I would leave well alone with potions. cold hose twice day and avoid hard ground and pray like mad!!
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    Equine Narcolepsy??

    Anyone ever heard of narcolepsy in horses? One been diagnosed in our yard. Bit suspicious about diagnosis. Didn't even take blood test for other options. strange!!! Your thoughts please