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    Making the Decision to Give Up Horses

    Would the RS be able to help you out with getting the Palomino going? Would they take him on loan instead of a 'working livery'. I wonder if the Rs would take the older shetland as a companion/pony days/lead-rein pony. That is where I would start to have discussions, tbh.
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    No, neither do I, in the main. My point was that wild horses, who are obviously masters of self-selection would not choose to eat the wild garlic that grows on their grazing. Our horses do actually self-select not to eat cruciferous veg, which the sheep will eat and enjoy. None of them get...
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    I have no idea what you mean. Horses will eat carrots because their instinct tells them that they are safe to eat, even if they have never seen them before - they would certainly eat carrot leaves if they found them growing. They will NOT choose to eat even wild garlic leaves, when they are...
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    Epileptic dog turned aggressive

    I would go back to the vet, explain what has happened and first of all, find out if the aggression/obvious unhappiness could be a side-effect of the medication and whether the medication could usefully be changed. If the vet says not, I would pts for every-one's benefit. I had a Labrador who...
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    The reason that they won't eat it if they can smell it is that they know that it is no good for them. Horses which graze freely won't seek out wild garlic.
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    horse failed vetting but vet told to re-vet in a week..

    If I were paying that sort of money for a horse, I would expect it to be sound at the first vetting!
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    No, definitely not!
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    Alfalfa Question

    Actually, it is well-known that in people a severe allergic reaction comes on quickly but an intolerance can build up over time and the effects can take several hours, or longer, to be manifested, which is why it can be so difficult to work out what is causing the problem. IME, it can be the...
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    Not feeling it

    We have planned to go to Cheshire tomorrow as spectators but aren't sure now because of the weather!
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    Fun Show - How relaxed??

    This. The organisers will want every-one to have a good time and an intorduction to showing,in a relaxed atmosphere.
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    Horse crossing jaw when bridled

    I would now check the bits for sharp/rough aprts. If he needed his teeth doing he may have scratched the bit.
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    Top tips for keeping bum in saddle in canter?!

    Can you find a physio who rides?
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    Top tips for keeping bum in saddle in canter?!

    My first thought is 'take your feet out of your stirrups'. It always works for me!
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    Questions for vets...

    Vets don't normally take a horse's passport with them when they pts. It is the owner's responsibility to return the passport to the PO, not the vet's. All horses that are pts don't have a vet visit. I'm not certain that your sister is telling you the true story even now, or maybe the version...
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    First time out overnight - nervous!

    I wouldn't want my horse to be kept in isolation like that. I would definitely either leave him out during the day, or ask to put him with companions that stick to the same routine as you.