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    Giving yard notice concerned

    When I have decided to move, I just go asap and pay whatever notice was agreed when I started there, I don't care about the money, in your case just go, then pay for a week, they get a free week of doing nothing of anything, they can like it or lump it, you have clear conscience and reputation...
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    Oww my head

    I fell off as just getting on, we were on the other side of farm gate, had to put foot on fence as no mounting block at the time, bloody big noise from other side of the neighbors fence spooked my Po, I landed flat on my back looking like a dying fly LOL
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    Whispering Willows Sentence

    We need Judges voting in or out by the public on their performance, so many criminals getting a slap on the wrist, and full sentences need to be served, too much of this let out early crap, victims get a lifelong sentence.
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    Would you and do you turn out on rough frozen ground?

    Ours in at night out in the day regardless of ground, I prefer out, as I dont think standing in a stable 24 hours a day is a good thing.
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    When was the last time you rode?

    Weather rarely stops me riding, if I want to ride I do, rode Friday Saturday and today, at the moment due to menage surface being crap its just hacking out, I have been riding the 3 days on the go for a while, then he gets all week off, with him being nearly 27 it tends to be 50mins round the...
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    Not fitting in at livery

    Give it time, horsey people are all weird anyway, so don't take it too personally, as others say, wintertime, see how it goes when the sun comes out and everyone is feeling brighter.
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    Would you be upset? Renting dilemma

    Very bad manners and rude for you not to be consulted and given some notice on this, but as we live in a NOA nothing surprises me anymore.
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    Is it too soon...

    Weather is rather extreme at the moment, maybe hang on a while, if they are well cared for and getting some exercise it's better than a lot of places.
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    How sad.

    It's in my will if I go first my Po at nearly 27 with cushings is to be pts, couldn't bare the thought of him not being properly cared for and to have a dignified end.
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    Horror stories

    Could write a book on it, but probably wont ;)
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    Vet / Needle phobia

    Could you try a twitch ? I had terrible trouble trying to put antibiotic gel in my Po's eye, to the point of nearly having a large metal field gate land on top of me, big fight with risk of injury to both of us everytime, then found twitching his left ear worked a treat, so much quicker safer...
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    Nice water Wade hack

    At McFluff ,Yes, it clicks forward when I use it on dark days :) cut off the straps and fit to poll with small elecrtic cable ties
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    Nice water Wade hack

    He has his moments LOL :-)
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    Guilt - I'm not 'doing' in the morning

    I don't like mine in 24/7 if I can help it, but it's never an ideal world in the horsey game, particularly with the crazy weather we have now, at the last yard when the fields flooded, they shared a turnout area for 2 hours each on a rota, but he had a bigger stable then, decent sized stable to...
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    Nice water Wade hack

    Sat at home a bit bored, so posted for those not on FB who havent seen our Saturday Water Wade