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    who feeds balancers?

    I feed hi fibre cubes and hifi apple and adlib haylage. Thanks everyone 😊
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    who feeds balancers?

    Hi do you feed a balancer if so which one do you use im looking into the top spec cool balancer has anyone used this does it keep the weight on ok. Thank you
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    Differences between warmbloods & thoroughbreds?

    I have a ID x WB and hes an amazing alrounder has the sturdiness of the ID lovely paces of the WB and hunts allday twice a week :)
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    which supplement?

    Any reccommendations which supplement to use to keep there guts in good order i know theres pink powder but anything else? Thank you
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    livery in northampton

    Thank you everyone i live on the isle of wight and its not a definite move yet depends if the boyfriend gets the job hes applying for was just seeing if he got it, is there many yards around that my babys could come aswell. Thank you for your help.
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    livery in northampton

    Thank you for that.
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    livery in northampton

    Hi can anyone help does anyone know what the going rate for liveries (diy,assisted, part and full) is up in northampton. Thank you
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    price of having haylage cut

    How much does it work out per bale to get your own field cut? Thank you
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    Warning: Sensitive Question re: pts

    i had my old mare pts with the bullet it was very quick and i even held her to the end i couldnt bear not to be with her in her last seconds of life it was traumatic but only for the reason i didnt want her to go i wanted her to live forever she didnt bleed too much there was a bit but not loads...
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    Giant Native Ponies - Who Else Has One?

    My 2 year old new forest is already 14.1 :/ i recon he will get his passport stripped
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    Stabled horses and the Animal Welfare Act...your thoughts??

    Mine have been stabled 24/7 the last week due to bad mud fever.
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    straw beds

    Do any of you find that its easier to muck out a messy horse on straw if they have a big bed. Thanks
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    hunt coat sizing

    Do you find the wool hunt coats come up big or small. Im a size 14 in tops so but dont know which size to go for thank you.
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    what bit to try?

    Always ride with two reins with my pelham. I try not to argue with him but when he takes me to the front and i try to keep him back from over taking he gets in spoilt brat mode and trys to put his nose to the floor so i cant pull him up. They are so like naughty children sometimes.
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    what bit to try?

    Its a straight mouthpiece.