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    Where to sell

    Thanks! Preloved seems most appropriate but it’s very difficult to use. Any others? A x
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    Safest tie-up system for use in the lorry?

    How do you all weaken the twine
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    Where to sell

    Hello We used to see horses advertised regularly on local / regional equestrian FB groups. Where can I find out about horses for sale / sell a horse now that FB has banned this. I’m in the NE of England. Tia! X
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    Retirement (human)

    Yes - Thankyou - I am going to look at the costs of diy and think about a sharer. I have a while to do this. The costs you quote would be prohibitive to me now though.
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    Retirement (human)

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    Retirement (human)

    Is anyone else putting off retirement because of the costs of their beloved horse. I am still working 80% FTE at 63 and am getting sick of it, but I cant afford to retire and have a horse as well. I just know I can't. I don't get my SP for another 2.5 years and although am lucky to have a...
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    High vis visibility

    Absolutely. You actually got the point of the post - thanks!!!
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    High vis visibility

    Lights are best. Hi vis isnt that great theres a lot of cycling research into it
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    High vis visibility

    Lights are best
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    High vis visibility

    Just catching up with HnH. In letters from a few weeks ago a writer claims that she "regularly sees riders not wearing high vis ......... they do not realise they cannot be seen". Some sort of non sequitur here. I do wear high vis btw
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    Air Jackets. do they help?

    I use mine all the time. Mostly on its own and if I go XC I wear a regular bp underneath. I hate it but I fall off so often I need it. I find I get winded more if I fall off with the air jacket on rather than with just a normal bp but the effects of the fall are greatly reduced. Ive had it...
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    Question for those who borrow transport...

    I've lent mine only once in 7 years - that was for a yardmate to take her horse to hospital.
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    After a bad(ish) fall ....

    Youve been lucky
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    Coffin Joint Arthritis

    How long since injection? Mine took a week to recover (admittedly only 3 weeks ago) but seems fine now touch wood
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    Am I unusual? Trailer servicing??

    As a purchaser Id be happy with that. I'd then get it serviced myself. I do get mine regularly done but that is for my peace of mind and my horse's safety. Not for reselling purposes