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    Lame mare

    ATP is involved in Krebs cycle and with cell energy if I remember my biology days correctly!!
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    So, if not riding due to heat, what are you doing?

    I have been into the cupboard of doom and shed. Spent over 3hrs pricing up and sorting out all my stuff ready for a tack sale next week. How does one collect soooo much stuff?
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    Is it just me counting the days & hours till this heatwave is supposed to end??

    I'm not a lover of heat at all. Had hoped to take a pony to show today. Not a chance in this heat, nor will I be going to look round. Shame for the organisers as it the first show since 2018. Weather and covid have put a halt to the last 3 years. The ground is rock hard, the grass crunches...
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    Horse shopping - assistance needed
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    Passport help.

    I know the NF have their chip numbers recorded on their passport. How old is the pony?
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    Passport help.

    Is it a breed society who issued the passport? Was the chip registered with a company? For now I'd get a passport pdq and see if you can get the vaccinations details entered from the previous vets. If not then you'll have to start a new course and hope that 2 vaccinations on the new pasport...
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    The ordinary horse owner Olympics

    Roll up 100m of electric fencing tape using hand/elbow method, then reattach it to the posts, fastest time wins. Points deducted for swearing and cutting the tape! 😆 Variations include windy conditions and length of tape. We could have the 100, 200 and 400m sprints.
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    2022 Foals

    Yay! Congratulations. Looking forward to the pics.
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    Grief due to loss of horse

    It's good that you've managed to go to the yard. I'm glad you making small steps forward, it's all part of the healing process, which takes time. I hope getting him back Wednesday will allow you to look through pictures and remember those fabulous times you had together.
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    Hard ground and riding

    The forest tracks are like concrete. There are some sandy tracks and grassy areas for a trot or two.
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    Grief due to loss of horse

    It is hard when you don't know what caused the problem. I spent a few years investigating, trying different supplements, physio, changing how I managed her and never got to the bottom of it. Do not think 'what if', it's easy to try and blame yourself-DON'T! This is just you grieving by...
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    healing vibes for my boy

    I am so so sorry. The heartache when they leave is so painful.
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    healing vibes for my boy

    Oh such worrying times. You've done all you can and I hope you have better news tomorrow. Sending love, hugs and vibes.
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    healing vibes for my boy

    No words just ((HUGS))
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    healing vibes for my boy

    What a rough time you're having. Glad your mum would have approved of her send off. I hope your boy settles and that you manage to get some rest and food into yourself.