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    Most hilarious news article by DailyFail

    That really hurt me to read. I may need counselling and promise never to stray away from The Times again.
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    Dogs and instinctive behaviours

    Probably trying to alert you to someone approaching, but possibly also trying to scare them away? The latter always seems quite likely to me as the dog is generally successful, I.e. the postman or passer by goes away!
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    Insurance: yes or no?

    One thing I forgot to mention - I do belong to the BHS so I have third party liability insurance. A different issue I know, but one that I believe everyone should have covered one way or another and not something that many of us could fund from our own money.
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    Insurance: yes or no?

    I have never insured my animals, but I am fortunate (prudent?) enough to have always had enough savings to cover any vet bills. Over the 40 years that I have owned dogs and horses I am sure that I am very much the winner v the amount I would have spent on insurance.
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    Selling a 3.5? My experience

    I sold mine about 5 years ago and had the same experience then! The buyer came round with the money in cash, which took a long time to count 😀, and it was gone within 3 hours of the ad going live. I think there is always a demand for well made, clean 3.5t boxes.
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    Another dog attack

    Sounds horrific, particularly the bit about the dog cleaning up the floor 😱 Another Gofundme request I see, which seems obligatory now after every event. Tragic event, but not sure why we should all be paying for someone who had the money to fly to Bulgaria and get the dog in the first place.
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    Vets want people to stop buying Bulldogs

    I was not having a go at individual vets, but, as twiggy2 has said above, I get the impression that the owners of the chains of vets that seem to have become increasingly common are more interested in maintaining profit margins than in preventing ill health. 3 of the largest vet groups are owned...
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    Vets want people to stop buying Bulldogs

    With cynical hat on - maybe because the whole insurance and vet industry makes a lot of money from treating such deformities? From the insurance companies’ POV, having all these examples of expensive medical issues out there probably encourages more people to take out insurance on their dogs...
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    Maiden mare

    So glad it is working out so well. Lovely pics!
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    Maiden mare

    I left the thread after the birth, then came back today to read all this! What a rollercoaster indeed. So lovely to see that it all seems to be working out - I will not be scrolling past the updates again.
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    Buying dilema

    I wouldn’t. All my horses have been beautiful and I derived much pleasure over the years from simply looking at them and admiring them as works of art. If you do the same, then I suggest you keep looking. You are not being shallow, if looking at your beautiful horse is part of your enjoyment...
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    Maiden mare

    Congratulations! What a little beauty.
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    Maiden mare

    Oh my, she is keeping us all hanging on. Fingers remaining cross.
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    Sing! I had a real confidence issue after my mare started rearing and smacked me in the face. My trainer sorted the behaviour out and also told me to sing if I got worried when riding. It really does work - maybe because it stops the rider transmitting tension to the horse when it starts getting...
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    Maiden mare

    Poor you and her. I was sure I would see a foal pic this morning! Fingers crossed for tonight then.