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    Strong pulse

    When Arabi was lame with thin soles he had strong pulses in front so vet thought it was laminitis I padded his feet and he was sound after 2 days on bute, we x rayed him was no sign of laminitis just very thin soles and probably bruised. Might be worth doing x rays if the tests are negative πŸ€”
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    I Don't think I would want a Β£25 saddle anywhere near my horses backs let alone my poor backside after trying to ride in it πŸ˜€
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    Percy the Yearling

    Bless him his all head and belly but he will fill out soon enough and look totally different next year his still lovely though πŸ˜‰
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    Lame mare

    Mine had osphos and steroids in the bursa about 4 years ago for navicular and I took his front shoes off his been fine ever since, not been lame had no other treatment he was 3 tenths lame on the worst one in the start, after treatment I pulled shoes turned out for 3 months and he came sound
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    Is it just me counting the days & hours till this heatwave is supposed to end??

    Yes come down here if you like the heat been having sangria and porn star martini's in the evenings out on the patio it really has felt like a big long holiday.
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    Is it just me counting the days & hours till this heatwave is supposed to end??

    I have been having a snooze in the afternoon 😴
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    Drought, field fires and fly rugs ..

    I only tend to use fly rugs in horse fly season as my horses can't tolerate them in the peak of it but even those didn't seem as bad this year, they get the odd bite and one of mine has a slight bumpy rash at the moment but his not rubbing it. A field round here with horses in caught fire but...
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    Is it just me counting the days & hours till this heatwave is supposed to end??

    I'm loving it it's like living in Spain which I could easily do. I quite like getting up early riding all done by about 9am then I'm out in the garden in my pool πŸ˜€ I always have a good sun tan in summer as wehave a house in the canaries but this year my tan is insane.
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    Drought, field fires and fly rugs ..

    I don't use them in extreme heat anyway as they sweat under them. I would hope that any horses near a field fire where moved away before there rugs could catch light but I suppose it is a possibility if no one got to them in time 😞
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    Reassure me it won’t hurt the 6ur old to stay unbacked…

    I don't think it hurts any horse to not be backed at 3 or 4 years old most are not physically or mentally ready for it what's the rush.
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    Lottie frys test…

    Absolutely lovely 😍 that horse really loves his job
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    RoR showing advice

    If you show in a Pelham it needs to be with 2 reins if your not used to riding with 2 and won't have time to get used to it stick with the snaffle. It might be worth having some lessons with someone to help you ride with 2 reins so you can use the Pelham in future πŸ˜‰ It's a good idea to Google...
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    Scraping when hosing - not outdated after all?

    I scrape while I hose always have done.
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    2022 Foals

    Omg he is just gorgeous 😍 beautiful colour
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    Outside the Box

    In my opinion letting them stand near a scary bit with treats makes no difference most will stand quite happily even look bored, it's when you want to go past whilst riding they are totally different. Agree that it shouldn't be a battle and fighting against them just makes them more tense and...