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    The pony quest continues - short tail eaten by a foal?! Hair Extenions?

    You can't use fake hair on Arabs at any AHS shows either.
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    I think it would be ok just might not be as powerful
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    Buying a yearling...

    If you like him buy him
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    Grumpy to tack

    A gut supplement will be fine to feed alongside what she is already having, I have used Easigut from natural horse supplies although it wasn't for ulcers his just sensitive but it is recommended for ulcer prone horses.
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    Update on my little palomino

    She is looking good definitely a bit slimmer I am sure she will grow a bit more, Arabi was about 14 .1 at 3 and fully grown his just 15h, I think Arabs tend to ride bigger anyway so they never feel small or pony like.
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    How do I discipline something that retaliates worse when told off?? Long post!

    I wouldn't leave stallions with a mare carrying and definitely not with a new born foal, I have looked after stallions had one myself most are very good but you just never know, we ran colts together so they could play and grow but if one got too aggressive they were separated I can't be...
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    Grumpy to tack

    If she has had time off saddle could need looking at but 4 weeks on ulcer treatment is not long they could still be painful, I personally would not ride until I knew the ulcers had completely gone.
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    How do I discipline something that retaliates worse when told off?? Long post!

    Well that's not a happy herd the stallion should not be subjected to bullying everyday that is just cruel, and she is obviously not feeling safe and happy or she wouldn't be so aggressive towards him, not my idea of how to keep horses poor bloody foal being born into that situation that's quite sad.
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    Suggestions for grazing muzzle horse can’t get off

    We tied the muzzle to a field safe headcollar it was the only thing that worked, one of my Arabs got very good at removing it from the pony and he quite happily stood there while he pulled at it, it's like he just knew that he would be free of it.
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    How much would you expect to pay?

    I pay £10 for each visit twice a day, hang nets 1 bucket feed either end if the day, top water up make haynets and feeds and maybe change rugs if needed, it doesn't take any more than half hour and she only lives about 10 minutes away.
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    First show of the year - not an all-out disaster

    Well done and a very pretty horse
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    Striped hooves - showing?!

    Nice pony one of my Arabs has stripey feet as well.
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    Wildlife when out hacking

    I think my horses would have a breakdown having to share a field with kangaroos, would be interesting coming across them out hacking :rolleyes:
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    Diluting pure benzyl benzoate

    Hi yes that's great I did think it was 125g to the whole pot thank you just couldn't get my head round it!
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    Diluting pure benzyl benzoate

    I have a 500g pot of aqueous cream I want to add benzyl to, it says on the bottle to do 1 part benzyl 4 parts carrier how many mls do I add please, I can't work it out being a bit dim!